System Updates


Version 3.3.8

Monday August 05th, 2019


3.3.8 of Salon by Premier is predominantly aimed at making speed improvements throughout the application, below is a list of the specific areas improved:

  • When booking an appointment, searching for a non-existing client, adding the client and then returning to the appointment booking form.  All the steps have been improved.
  • Booking a new appointment, from loading the screen to completing the appointment.
  • Clicking into an existing appointment from the diary.
  • Departing a client has been improved, as well as departing multiple clients and multiple appointments on the same bill.
  • When setting up appointment confirmations, reminders and marketing, we have sped up loading the document templates that can be selected.
  • Client Cards, when loading and saving.
  • Selecting the site details tab when looking at a staff member.
  • Creating and loading Promotional pricing structures.


  • If Salon spy is enabled, We have stopped it writing logs when no SMS’s have been sent out
  • We have updated the Appointment Key with all icons on the diary
  • Adjusted the tilling form to fit the loyalty points in the box.
  • When creating a stock order by addition, we have amended the layout to keeps it’s structure when the screen is maximised
  • Periodically, booking a package that requires advanced booking, when dragging and dropping it was causing the system to error. This has been rectified.
  • Enabled the notes field when accessing a booked package.
  • On the scheduled jobs screen, we have added the schedule details in a column.
  • Fixed issue where if you disable all Tax 2 options, it caused a crash when accessing the till screen
  • On the till screen, we have hidden all the unused payment methods.
  • Adjusted the notes fields on client cards, so that the text wraps and does not go off screen
  • Resolved issue with creating new equipment and allocating it to rooms.
  • We have updated repeat bookings to alert the user which appointments cannot be booked.
  • Arrival message now clears when the clear on arrival check box is ticked.
  • Increased maximum barcode size to 30 characters.
  • Updated amending staff rotas to ensure that all time slots are set correctly.
  • Fixed issue with the ordering of medical types.
  • Updated pricing structures to show new stock items.


Version 2.11.1

Thursday July 18th, 2019

New Features

  • We’ve introduced four new checkboxes to the Appointment Review screen; you can now resend confirmations and reminders without amending the appointment:

  • Auditing is now available for Reservations.

  • You can now delete multiple appointments via the “Visits” tab in the Client Card screen.
  • Members can now be searched via BACS reference.
  • Core now provides the ability to integrate with salonspy.
  • We have implemented the ability to have multiple medical questionnaires in Core.
    In Manager/Administrator, under the Initial Setup menu, there is a new button for Medical Questionnaires. You can create different questionnaires and allocate the appropriate medical types. When completing a medical questionnaire in the application from the client card, and you have more than one medical questionnaire configured, a drop down will now be displayed for you to select which medical questionnaire you wish to use.


  • The system now allows you to refund a facility appointment through Till Receipt History Refund.
  • Running the Future Payment Redeemed report with only the “Redeemed” option selected will now return future payment redemptions.
  • Copying the third week on a four-week rota no longer results in the system erroring.
  • The user will now see a message on the screen when changing the reservation dates and the package is no longer available on the new dates.
  • Four Hands Treatments can now be moved from the clipboard onto the diary without an issue.
  • The Start and end dates of appointments are now validated when scheduling on a reservation.
  • Stock deliveries are now ordered correctly on the Stock Deliveries screen.
  • Reservations search now correctly displays “CANCELLED” in the arrival date field if the reservation is cancelled.
  • Departing a package with stock items now prompts the user to select a stock room to deduct the stock from ensuring the correct stock levels.
  • Making a staff member inactive now moves the staff member into the inactive category and prompts the user.
  • You can now create a client via the reservation screen.
  • The Bills Analysis with Payment Methods report now shows client names when encryption is enabled.
  • Setting scheduled appointments – on a selection – to not required no longer results in the system crashing.
  • The Members Listing report now respects the criteria selected on the report options screen.
  • The Members Payments report now respects the filters selected.
  • The Discounts Report – in detail – now displays client names when encryption is enabled.
  • The Membership Status Summary report is now ordered by the membership type.
  • The Scheduler Activity Report no longer duplicates appointments scheduled in a twin room.
  • The Staff Commissions report now displays commission for the second staff on a four-hands treatment (if applicable).
  • You can now amend receipts with a facility appointment.
  • Any changes made to a client via the client search screen is now reflected in the search results.
  • When committing changes to a staff rota, it now lists all the appointments for the staff member.
  • Changing the web password for a client now saves correctly.
  • Revised the Reservation Package Items report to show allocation codes.
  • The A4 Receipt Tax Breakdown reports now caters for multiple tax bands.
  • Changes have been made to the staff selection for linked appointments; you can no longer select staff members with “Show Column” disabled or without an active rota.
  • The Stock Used Items reports now lists items correctly.
  • On start-up, the system now deletes vouchers associated with the PC location that are still in the progress of being sold. This is to prevent scenarios where the system closes in the middle of selling a voucher, resulting in the voucher number being unusable.
  • Ending a rota now reports any appointments outside of the rota’s end date.
  • Adjusted the size of the text boxes and font in the Goods Received Report.
  • The individual items for classes are now created correctly when creating a group activity.
  • Accessing reservations with multi-staff appointments no longer results in the system crashing.
  • The “Book All” functionality for reservations now allocates correctly.
  • When making a future payment for a couples treatment, if the “prompt for second client” is configured, it now prompts to ask if you’d like to pay for the second client.
  • The include property on client card types, client sources, and client types now saves correctly on the Marketing Selection screen.
  • Improved the performance of the End of Day report when “group together” is selected.
  • Printing via the “Confirm/Review Payments” screen no longer results in the system closing when the system is encrypted.
  • In the Client Setup screen, the account limit can no longer be changed without sufficient permissions.
  • On-Account items can no longer sum to a negative balance.
  • Similarly to how appointments are locked when accessed, we’ve introduced the same for reservations to prevent the possibility of prepayments being redeemed on two PCs at the same time.
  • Booking any multi-staff appointment for a client, and then creating a reservation for the same client, no longer results in the deposit value being double the value.
  • Reservation deposits paid for a four-hands treatment or couples treatment are now reflected correctly when departing a client.
  • Discounted values are now displayed on the On-Account statement.
  • Any client details in the On-Account statement are now displayed correctly on encrypted systems.
  • Adding a Group Activity to a reservation no longer results in the system closing.
  • The locked appointment prompt message now includes the PC description.
  • Resolved an issue whereby clicking outside the software when creating a new client would result in the system closing.
  • Address and mailing address is now correctly saved.
  • The DD report now includes linked members.
  • Ability to delete a bill line effectively.
  • When searching for a Room within the billing screen, the interface will now return the names of the guests in the room to select.
  • Ability to depart a twin room booking without error.
  • When setting an end date to a rota, it will correctly remove appointment from any lists after the end date. This now will stop any duplications within the diary.
  • There is no longer the ability to create a new site in the system without contacting Premier Software.
  • On the staff screen in Admin, you now have the ability to set and make a staff member inactive by setting an end date.
  • Mail merge report now correctly gets filtered by the entered criteria.
  • Course redemptions will now be calculated correctly, equaling the total amount of the course.
  • When loyalty points are deducted from an online booked appointment, the detail is added to the client record card correctly.
  • Marketing selections created in manager are now visible to users logged in to Admin.
  • Speed improvements to tilling and arrivals.
  • Ability to book an appointment code that starts in the future.
  • Ability to adjust quantity of selection on courses.
  • When relinking a member – after clearing the link between two members – the membership expiry date is set to match the lead member.
  • Design changes made to the client card so all fields are visble.
  • Typing into the medical questionnaire will add the detail without issue.
  • When commiting medical questionnaire it now correctly updates the data.
  • When ending a rota with no new rota replacement, a report will now be produced when appointments are booked outside of the ended rota.
  • Duplicate redemption is now not possible.
  • Speed improvements to appointments and group acitvity booking.
  • When logging back into the application after you have been auto logged out, the till screen will no longer load the buttons multiple times.
  • When searching for a reservation or a client, the list will now be automatically updated when updating / deleting details.
  • You can no longer make an overpayment when charging to a clients account
  • Schedule print will now display the client name correctly rather than the Merge Field names.
  • When doing an address lookup, address line 2 will now be seperated.
  • Creating a new terminal and then ticking “enable logging” will now save correctly.
  • The reservation package details screen will now order via the correct package description, even when changing the user to ‘alt descriptions’.
  • You are now able to back out of the client card card through the member screen in administrator, if the client is not actually a member.
  • The diary view on reservations will now schedule in the correct intervals
  • Amended the goods received note report to not have overlapping text boxes, and have also increased the font.
  • You now have the ability to adjust a members renewal date automatically providing the member is placed on hold.
  • If you set an end date against a staff member with future appointments the report will now load.
  • Added integration with Salon Spy, a salon review system, and the software will send an SMS message to the client automatically on departure.
  • Course items refunds can be added to the clients account.
  • Client merge details are merged correctly along with updating details within systopia.
  • You no longer have the ability of dragging a non room apppointment into a room column.
  • If you set an end date against an appointment type with future appointments the report will now load.
  • Stock items are now no longer being duplicated on the stock take list.
  • Fixed an issue with the PMS import.
  • Four Hands Treatment deposits on a reservation is now being recognised when the appointment is being departed.
  • Package bookings from Rezlynx are no longer being put into band one.
  • The membership projected revenue and membership payments reports will now show the membership number.
  • You can now no longer change the membership expiry date for generated members.
  • Projected revenue will not prompt to recalculate for generated members.
  • The client message is now shown correctly when booking a group activity.
  • You can now set the payment method to complimentary for multi staff bill lines.
  • Multi staff items are no longer not being allocated to account
  • Package time-band overrides are now split into overall bookings and web booking limits.

Version 3.3.7

Monday July 15th, 2019


  • Create by Addition

Create by addition is a new feature which allows you to manually create an order without using the minimum and maximum stock levels for multiple product ranges.

This can be done within Admin or Manager under the stock order function.

This screen is where you can select the exact products with the ability to add the quantity of the product you are selecting for an easy ordering experience.

  • For multi site clients, there is a dropdown list on the launcher to select the site in which you wish to log into. This has been amended so that the drop down is visible/hidden depending on the PC Location and can be configured in the PC Location screen in Administrator.
  • In Appointment Code Configuration, there is a checkbox to print the client card on arrival, this takes into consideration the default client card print settings which are configured in System Setup, Site settings under client card. When the client is then arrived, it prints the client card automatically.
  • When completing an End of Day, you can now allocate mobile numbers in the End of Day options in Manager.  This will send an SMS with the days figures for the till that you are running the end of day for.
  • There is now a client card listing report which allows you to report on Client Cards.
  • We have also added a Future Appointments reports to see all future appointments booked in.
  • In Site settings under Arrival Options, there is a new checkbox to Alert you to a new client on Arrival.  This then shows a popup when arriving a new client.


  • We have removed the option to make fax number a mandatory field in site settings as the field was previously removed from the client card.
  • When creating a new stock order and clicking on the ‘Nothing to order’ button, it resets the values entered onto the order form.  This has been amended to no longer reset the values.
  • When updating a clients contact details on the package booking screen, it not longer causes the application to close.
  • The Stock Order report columns have been extended to cater for larger values.
  • Medical Warning preventing appointments being booked has now been resolved.
  • Miscellaneous Tax options now saved correctly.
  • Prompt to print when creating a booking only prompts when creating the booking and not when amending.
  • When making a stock item inactive in a multi site system, it no longer denies this action if there is stock at other sites.
  • A number of amendments have been made to the Departure process to increase the speed.



Version 3.3.6

Wednesday June 12th, 2019


Multiple Consultation Forms

  • In Manager/Administrator there is a new option under tilling to allow customers to earn loyalty points when paying by loyalty point.
  • We have implemented the ability to have multiple medical questionnaires into Salon.
    In Manager/Administrator, under the Clients menu, there is a new button for Medical Questionnaires. You can create different questionnaires and allocate the appropriate medical types. When when completing a medical questionnaire in the application from client card, and you have more than one medical questionnaire configured, a drop down will now be displayed for you to select which medical questionnaire you wish to use.
  • We have added voucher remaining balance to receipts.
  • When printing out a clients future appointments onto  a receipt, you can now select the date format in which to display.


  • When undertaking a stock take, the columns and ordering when inputting the values into the system differed from the report, these are now consistent.
  • Icons now display on single time slot appointments.
  • When accessing an appointment that cannot be modified, the client details button now remains active.
  • The order of appointments on the future payment screen is now in date order.
  • In the Commissions report, the details section now displays correctly.
  • You can now arrive package bookings that contain an appointment that requires a medical questionnaire.
  • Amended appointment reminder scheduling so if you select.
    Next 2 Days – this includes an appointments booked in for today and the following 2 days
    Next 3 Days – this includes an appointments booked in for today and the following 3 days
    Next 4 Days – this includes an appointments booked in for today and the following 4 days
    Next 5 Days – this includes an appointments booked in for today and the following 5 days
    Next 6 Days – this includes an appointments booked in for today and the following 6 days
  • When purchasing a course, you were not able to change the name of the staff member that made the sale, you can now change it at the time of purchase or through amend receipts.


Version 3.3.5

Sunday May 19th, 2019


  • SMS appointment reminders can now be configured to automatically send up to 6 days in advance.
  • The Enquiries and Clients buttons on the main menu bar of reception have been separated so it only requires one click to go to client search instead of two.
  • When deleting appointments, it is now possible to delete multiple appointments for the selected client by clicking on the Show All Appointments checkbox, you can then select the appointments you wish to delete or click on the Select All checkbox
  • After departing a client,  you can now select multiple appointments in the book next appointment screen.
  • When in the tilling screen, you can purchase a course and redeem an appointment from the course in a single transaction
  • The ability to delete a clients patch test has now been added.


  • When booking an appointment, if there is a patch test the confirm button is now greyed out until the patch test notification has been acknowledged.
  • When creating a new member of staff, if you select today as the start date for the rota, it would not actually show the diary until tomorrow, this now starts the Rota from today.
  • Discounts on saved bills now stays applied when departing the client.
  • The auto replacement for the clients salutation now works correctly when sending SMS.
  • In the license in use screen, the data in the columns now aligns with the column headings.




Version 3.3.4

Wednesday May 08th, 2019

Features and Improvements

Integration to Salon Spy can be enabled through site settings, SMS messages will be sent to the client one hour after there final appointment for the day. Upon enabling this feature you will be contacted by SalonSpy to setup your account and payment plan.

Speed improvements to the following areas

  • Appointment booking – when selecting a client and then returning to the book appointment screen
  • Loading the Appointment review screen from the diary.
  • Departing a client
  • Room management in Manager / Administrator
  • Stock Deliveries
  • Creating and amending Promotional Pricing
  • Creating and amending Pricing Structures

Bug Fixes

  • Client Search; when booking an appointment now takes into consideration the search all sites default selection
  • Stock levels not deducting when selecting the same stock item in stock usage
  • Merge fields within emails are now correctly being replaced with client and appointment specific data.


Version 3.3.3

Thursday April 25th, 2019

Web Deposits

We have introduced the ability to set the web booking deposit percentages in Administrator, you do this by going to System Setup, then Sites, click on the Site Settings tab and then select booking options

When a client books an appointment online, they are then required to pay the percentage of the bill at time of booking.


Bug Fixes

  1. When booking an appointment for a room, the staff list was not loading. the staff list now loads depending on the appointment type that the user selects.
  2. We have made amendments to the way in which images are embedded in Emails so that they do not appear twice when viewing the email on Apple mobile devices.
  3. When adding Medical Questionnaires, they were overwriting the existing one, we have resolved this issue and now when saving it creates a new questionnaire result.
  4. When adding linked appointments and selecting a different member of staff, it was adding the appointment to the previous member of staff. This has now been updated to take into account the selected member of staff.
  5. When changing the member of staff on linked appointments, the time selected was being reset back to midnight, we have amended this to keep the same time that was selected before changing the staff member.
  6. When completing medical questionnaires from the consultation application, there were sporadic instances where the questionnaire was not showing the Reception application, this has now been rectified.
  7. Package bookings crashes have been addresses.
  8. When amending a receipt and changing the payment method to Loyalty, it now deducts the loyalty points from the client
  9. In the advanced booking screen in package bookings, clicking on an appointment would cause the application to crash. This has now been resolved.
  10. A Release channel selector has been added to Main System Details for Administrators and Support.
  11. In Package Details, send document issue resolved.
  12. When booking a package, if no deposit is required then it no longer takes you to the tilling screen
  13. fixed issue with intermittent crashes when booking packages in the Diary and Advanced booking


Version 3.3.1

Saturday January 26th, 2019

Version 2.10.1

Friday October 12th, 2018

Version 3.3.0

Friday May 18th, 2018


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