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Version 2.8.1

Monday February 19th, 2018

2.8.1 is a minor release that improves some existing functionality and addresses a number of issues within the Core by Premier Software and College by Premier Software applications.


It is now possible to use the Amend Receipts functionality to change the staff member on a bill line even when an interface (to Rezlynx, FIAS, etc) is in place. Systems with no interface see no change to the existing Amend Receipts functionality; sites with interfaces in use now gain the ability to edit past bills and change the staff member on each bill line (for the purpose of correcting commission or similar).


The following improvements have been made to the software in this release:

  • If you have a reservation for multiple people and only pay the deposit of the lead client, applying a discount at the point of billing would incorrectly assign the refund to the last client on the bill. This is no longer the case, and it is correctly returned to the lead client
  • Searching for vouchers in the mail order screen no longer times out when there is a lot of data to search
  • When you login, any departures locked by your ID are unlocked to allow you to process them
  • You can now drag a single slot of NA space upwards if you wish to extend it to an earlier point in the day
  • If you change the diary view, manually refresh it, or some other related action (that causes a diary refresh to happen) at exactly the same time that a system refresh is happening, there is no longer a crash
  • Upon generating a new direct debit run, if a member has on account items transferred to direct debit then the client’s membership will no longer be missing from the DD run
  • Trying to use the Membership Update functionality before defining any memberships in the system will no longer crash the application
  • The Income centre report will no longer report an imbalance if a stock/nonstock item within a package has a quantity greater than 1
  • When billing a reservation, if you apply a discount to one item but the total bill value is still greater than the deposit paid, the software no longer incorrectly issues a refund
  • Within the Manager application, the Stock Items screen could incorrectly process the wrong site. This is no longer the case
  • It is no longer possible for clients to become invisible on the departures screen after their appointments have been moved around the diary and they are on a reservation over multiple days
  • Multi-day reservations that have had deposits taken against them will no longer see a refund issued for day two’s appointments when the client is departed on day one
  • It is no longer possible to adjust the price of an item without selecting a reason code beforehand – so having the “None” discount selected correctly locks the price field

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