System Updates


Version 2.5.8

Tuesday September 05th, 2017

2.5.8 is a patch release that addresses a number of issues within the Core by Premier Software and College by Premier Software applications.


The following improvements have been made to the software in this release:

  • When entering the tilling screen for a saved bill, the save bill button was disabled. This is now no longer the case.
  • The amount of stock on order is now being populated on the Stock Valuation report.
  • Columns on the Discounts Given report have now been increased in width to allow the information to be properly displayed.
  • A resident client with multiple appointments on the same day will no longer become invisible to the departures screen if only one of their many appointments was departed.
  • The “Not Available” appointment type can no longer be dragged around the diary, preventing issues with shading being replaced in error.
  • If a Web Booked appointment was not arrived, and an attempt was made to charge for the non-arrival, the system could close unexpectedly. This action now works correctly.

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