System Updates


Version 2.5.6

Friday August 04th, 2017

2.5.6 is a patch release that addresses a number of issues within the Core by Premier Software and College by Premier Software applications.


The following improvements have been made to the software in this release:

  • Scheduled prints could fail to print in specific circumstances involving multi-day, multi-client reservations. This situation has been fixed.
  • Appointments with medical restrictions may have failed to illuminate the medical warning icon in some cases; this is no more.
  • Reservations no longer offer the “Complimentary” payment option at bill time when this option is disabled.
  • The “Most Popular Appointments (By Quantity)” report no longer fails to correctly process appointment refunds and future payments
  • The reports screen in Reception could have crashed upon entry for some users – this should no longer be the case.

If you use College by Premier, the following improvement also applies:

  • The Lesson Booking process no longer sets the new length but not the new type of amended appointments

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