System Updates


Version 2.3.0

Tuesday July 12th, 2016



The phone numbers for accessing Premier Support are now displayed on the main Reception screen. Additional options to access the online support portal and our remote support tool are also available in the new “Help & Support” menu inside Reception and Manager.


CORE by Premier now supports the SEPA (Single Euro Payment Area) specification for Direct Debit payments. Specifically this requires the use of a client’s BIC and IBAN number for their bank account in place of sort code and account number.

The following banks are currently supported:

  • Allied Irish Bank
  • Bank of Ireland
  • Ulster Bank

This is a configurable option that can be switched on underneath Site Settings > Membership Options.


It is now possible to run a Direct Debit payment for multiple sites using a region – previously it was one site or all sites. Simply select the region from any of the Direct Debit screens


It is now possible to run scheduled reminders and reports at regular intervals of minutes and hours – previously the minimum period was once per day.

Additionally the automated maintenance tasks required to support online web booking (e.g. to remove appointments that have not been paid for) are now run by CORE by Premier.


There is now an Excel-friendly version of the Reservations Booked and Room Hours Analysis reports.

    • The EPOS interface between the Guestline EPOS system and CORE by Premier can now use a client’s pre-payment on their account before putting an item on their departure or member account.

To enable this functionality, please tick the “Redeem prepayments if available” option on the Site Settings > Interface Options screen

  • CORE by Premier can now pass across individual package child lines to Rezlynx instead of just the header – for both room postings and financial postings.

To enable this functionality, please select the “Send Package Detail” option on the Site Settings > Interface Options screen

  • When posting to a room, additional options have been added – allowing you to search by forename, surname or booking reference.

To use this functionality, simply select an additional search option from the “Room Search” screen


The Client Type field from the Client card screen has now been added to the Enquiry screen.


    • Alternate descriptions in the “Title” field are now displayed correctly when the “use alternate descriptions” option is turned on.
    • E-mail addresses with a new domain extension (e.g. are now recognised as valid.
    • Till membership payments were duplicated on a client’s spend overview – and the revenue was doubled in their “12 month spend” and “total spend” totals. A new check-box has been added to include or exclude membership payments from the spend tab, and the total no longer doubles the revenue for till membership payments.
    • The “Show All History” checkbox on the “Spend” tab on a Members card removed all items visible in the bill list.
    • When reprinting a receipt containing a group activity, the software no longer closes.
    • Receipts can now be re-printed from the Members card in Manager/Administrator.
    • It was not possible to view the entire contact log message when it was read-only – the scroll bar was disabled.
    • You are now able to view a client/member card when the client/member has been sent an automated marketing message.
    • Improved the performance of opening the client card when client images are located on a different machine to the database server.


    • A “room not available” message was incorrectly displayed when the selected appointment type did not require a room, but another available appointment type did.
    • It is no longer possible to drag a “not available” time period to the clipboard.
    • Promotions ending on the same day that an appointment was booked, now display in the promotions dropdown.
    • It is now possible to send both a confirmation and a reminder for the same booking.


    • The following reports no longer prompt for database connection details on older versions of SQL Server: Income Centre Group Overview, End of Day Payment Summary.
    • Scheduled reports failed to run properly when they had been scheduled on a different machine to the server.
    • Expired memberships no longer display on the AUDDIS report.
    • Improved the accuracy of the Most Popular Appointments report to correctly match the Staff Overview report.
    • Membership Projected Revenue report now correctly pro-rata’s the amount for the first full month’s membership.
    • Correct figures are now displayed in previous months on the Membership Overview report.
    • The Memberships Payment report now filters on the Payment Date.
    • Scheduled reports now run when they have been set up on a different machine to where the Automation Service runs.
    • The “Staff Overview” report now includes total figures in the report’s final footer.
    • Items within a selection that were not scheduled (in a package that contained multiple selections) no longer shows on the report if one has been booked.
    • Redemption codes are no longer displayed on the “Items with no allocation code” report.
    • Membership arrivals (both CORE by Premier and Fast Track) now marks web booked group activities as arrived.
    • Visit history for a member only displays visits from the current membership period.
    • The bank link is now transferred from a previous membership when a new membership was created.
    • It was possible to change a new membership payment to a type of “Account”, which could not then be changed or processed.
    • Negative till memberships (refunds) can now be processed in Manager/Administrator.
    • Reservations / Packages
    • Reservation search now finds any reservations after waiting 30 seconds for the results.
    • Package availability now checks for availability of packages relevant to the site it is being booked for.
    • It is now possible to refund or keep (“no refund”) deposits for additional appointments on a reservation that were booked through a hotel PMS interface.
    • Schedule prints now only prints one appointment that was part of a selection, a couple’s or four-hands treatment.
    • The “Guest Of” functionality on a reservation no longer closes the software when the last client used (the client on the clipboard) was not a member.
    • It was previously possible to completely depart a package on the first day – even if there were appointments scheduled for a later day on the reservations. It is no longer possible to depart a package until all appointments in that package have been completed, therefore ensuring all financials were allocated correctly.
    • Reservations cancelled through a hotel PMS interface did not appear on the “Cancellations Analysis” report, they now appear on the report with a reason of “Interface.”
    • The Reservation Availability button on the Reservations Search screen is now visable in Call Centre.
    • Packages where the only scheduled item was a facility now appears on the arrivals print.
    • It is now possible to search for a reservation by the number part only when the site code contains number – e.g. Ch01Re00000123 can now be found by just typing in “123.”
    • Package availability overrides screen in Reception now hides inactive packages.
    • Package availability no longer includes packages that had been booked at other sites.


    • Arrivals screen now displays any arrivals after waiting 30 seconds for the results.
    • Inactive Medical types are no longer displayed.
    • Voiding a voucher could sometimes close the application when using a hotel PMS interface.
    • Improved performance of the mail order/voucher search.
    • Payments received via web booking for an additional appointment on a reservation is now recognised upon departure.
    • When creating a new site based on an existing site, also copies the search grid preferences into the new site.
    • Multiple time band limits can now be created.
    • When adding a contra-indication to an appointment type, the reverse contra-indication added to the conflicting appointment type is now applied.
    • Creating a new “Miscellaneous”, “Food or Drink”, “Gift Voucher” or “Petty Cash” item no longer requires you to have to be on the Enterprise Details tab before you hit the Create button.
    • Changes made to the Membership search grid applied changes to all sites, not just the one selected.
    • It is now possible to create new association types in Manager for single-site installations.
    • Allocating facilities to facility appointment codes using the “Select All” button now updates the pricing structure correctly.
    • The list of tills (in Manager/Administrator > General > Tills) is now sorted by name until a till had been created or changed.
    • A warning message is now displayed when creating a new price structure that is not based on existing prices – resulting in an active price structure with all prices at zero.
    • All site-specific screens in Administrator now default to the site the current PC location is registered to.
    • The application now recognises the “final” end of day when using multiple tills, if a transaction had been put through another till since the end of day was run on it. This caused some till membership payments to not appear on the income centre reports.
    • The application could close when trying to keep the deposit (no refund) an appointment that had a promotional price applied.
    • Applying a discount to a reservation package at the time of departure (instead of on the reservation itself) now balances the “Trading Summary” report correctly.
    • Bills could sometimes re-appear in “Amend Receipts” after they had already been included on an end of day.
    • Clients who only had a group activity booking could not be found to future pay it.
    • The warning message alerting to a stock level falling below the re-order level was always displayed, even when a re-order level was not configured for the stock item.
    • Fixed a “Nothing to post” message when redeeming a gift voucher with an Opera or other FIAS-compatible interface.
    • When departing an appointment that used a promotional pricing code, and the promotion was no longer active at the time of departure, no longer closes the software.
    • When removing the value of a price field in Automatic Pricing no longer closes the software.
    • A bill that has been sent across a hotel PMS interface but failed to process is now reversed to avoid duplicate postings.
    • Text boxes for prices and percentages may have displayed obscured up/down arrows on some screen resolutions.
    • The application could close when the special characters “{“, “}” or “;” were entered into text fields. All fields no longer accept these characters.
    • When clicking buttons on the main menu, the application no longer closes.

Some prompts within the application did not have an icon to indicate the type of message.

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