System Updates


Version 2.2.3 (Patch1)

Wednesday May 18th, 2016


    • Further improvements have been made to the automated marketing feature that was initially released in 2.2.3.
    • It is now possible to specify that a marketing “campaign” is only sent to a customer once, and also to only send to a customer if that customer is (Included) or isn’t (Ignore) part of another campaign.
    • A new report to display the payment status of packages booked online has been added. The report is called “Web Booked Package Payment Status” and is available in Manager under the “Statistics” heading.
    • Items that are posted to a guest’s hotel bill are now grouped according to the item’s analysis code.

For example: the following Spa bill:

5 x Coffee (SPA_DRNK)

1 x Tea (SPA_DRNK)

1 x Tea (SPA_DRNK)

1 x 30 min Massage (SPA_TREAT)

will now be posted to Rezlynx as follows:

Room charges: Spa Food & Drink (SPA_DRNK)

5 x Coffee

2 x Tea

Room charges: Spa Treatments (SPA_TREAT)

1 x 30 min Massage


    • Double-clicking the green tick button on the departure screen could cause the application to close.
    • Cancellation reason codes were not allocated to newly-created sites, causing the software to close when attempting to add a cancellation note to the contact log
    • Inactive appointment types, categories and packages could not be selected in marketing (for example: to send a campaign to customers who booked last year’s Valentine’s package.)
    • Administrator always sends SMS messages as if they originated from the site you are currently logged in as, not the one selected in the “Reports” window
    • CORE now respects the length of the second therapist’s part of a four-hands treatment.
    • Multi-staff appointments that are included on a package but unscheduled or marked as not required causes the software to close on departure.
    • When choosing to print a reservation, the “sent” flag for the reservation document was not saved. This has now been resolved.
    • It was not possible to print the schedule for a newly-created reservation without closing the screen and re-opening the reservation. The “schedule print” button is now enabled immediately after creating a new reservation.
    • Setting a package end date caused the package to become inactive immediately. A package now remains active until its end date is reached.
    • Inactive appointment categories were still displayed when booking an appointment.
    • When adding multiple people to a package that has its availability overridden causes the software to close.
    • Reservation print shows incorrect price and payment totals per client.
    • Using a discount code when adding an item to a bill caused the amount to be miscalculated on checkout.
    • All areas of the application now handle loyalty points of more than 5 digits.
    • Inactive stock manufacturers are still displayed in the “Add Stock” window when completing a bill.
    • The order in which the reports are grouped inadvertently changed in CORE by Premier 2.1.23. This has now been corrected.
    • Scheduled reports sometimes failed to calculate the correct dates. This has now been fixed, however it requires the scheduled reports to be removed and setup again.
    • The “Most Popular Appointments” report was inaccurate when the appointment types were included in a package.
    • The “Reservation Redemptions/Outstanding” reports were inaccurate when a reservation had been departed at the same time as other reservations.
    • The price of items where a quantity has been input into CORE by Premier is now posted to Rezlynx correctly.
    • A client’s bill is no longer processed in CORE by Premier if one item on the bill has no allocation code.

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