Gift vouchers: a great tool for maximising your salons profits?

Gift vouchers are an ideal way to generate extra sales for your salon and are especially important during those gift-giving, seasonal events throughout the year. Vouchers can facilitate the introduction of loyal customers to a wider product range and new treatments; as well as attracting new customers into your salon.


Capture your target market

Gathering information about clients who have purchased the gift voucher and their reasons for doing so can really help you to understand potential customers, I like to them the call the ‘buyers’ including; their name and contact details, how they heard about your salon and their purchase reasons.

This can really help you to understand potential customers and plan for future marketing campaigns. If you are really on the ball – you could use these details to set-up repeat purchase opportunities, the same time next year for instance. You could also send out a group SMS or email campaign targeting these specific demographic groups to remind them a voucher can be the perfect gift. Don’t forget to let them know if voucher is approaching its expiry date and hasn’t yet been redeemed.

Know the recipient

Gift vouchers are often given as a special treat to someone who may not be a regular treatment goer and has never visited you before. It is important to collect information about these new customers such as; personal contact details, other treatments they would like to try, concerns they might have about their skin, products they currently use and employment or lifestyle interests. Client cards are an excellent way to capture this data and can help you to tailor their experience as well as assisting with future marketing campaigns. It can also help you to identify those up-selling opportunities.


This is the perfect time to suggest an upgrade to the treatment, as the cost will be minimal to the new client. You could also offer an extra treatment that combines well with the one they have opted for.  This is a great way of generating that little bit of extra profit and introducing them to yet another treatment. Turn to retail – The skin diagnosis or treatment assessment is an ideal time to suggest retail products which suit the client’s profile.


Avoid letting these new clients slip through the net, make sure you continue your communication with them. You could contact them by phone, SMS or email to see whether they enjoyed their treatment. It’s a great way to obtain some product feedback and even invite them back to your salon. Also freebies are a great way to remind your customer of your salon.

Managing the gift voucher process

Managing the gift voucher process manually can be time consuming and at times, very confusing. So I might as well mention that Software such as premier’s Gift Voucher Tracking can simplify this process and store information on one central database – making a potentially admin heavy task a simple one.

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