How to apply uncomplicated commission

Your staff will appreciate the opportunity to increase their earnings through commission based sales but do you have the time to set up a scheme? Why not take some of the weight off your shoulders and let your software take the strain?

Premier Salon and Premier Spa both include a commission tool to help you implement this bonus scheme to all or selected members of your staff. Simply input your commission structure once and your software will do the rest. For advice on how to apply uncomplicated commission, see our handy tips below:

Who qualifies for your scheme?

First decide who qualifies for your scheme. Do your staff members need to have worked for you for a certain length of time, or does their job role dictate if they are eligible for commission for example?

What do they get commission on?

Now you need to decide what your staff members can earn commission on? While your receptionist may only be able to earn commission on your retail and course items, your senior therapist may be able to earn commission on treatments, and non-stock items too.

How much do they get?

Finally you need to know before setting up your commission structure how it will be applied to each eligible staff member. For example, while the junior staff members may only be able to earn 5% on retail, your senior therapist may be eligible to earn 10%.

Setting up your commission categories

Now you are able to set up your commission categories. Using the examples above, we could have a 0-6 months receptionist category earning different levels of commission on retail and course items; a 6 months and onwards receptionist category with an increased level of commission on the same items; a senior therapist category, with different levels of commission on retail, courses, treatments and non-stock items and a junior therapist category with a lower level of commission in the same categories.

Level of commission

Levels of commission are referred to in terms of how much each staff member can earn by section. For example a 0-6 months receptionist could earn 5% commission on any client purchases up to £50 on retail and 10% commission on any additional revenue above £50 and up to £100 i.e. if the total spend was £90, the receptionist would earn 5% on £50 and 10% on £40.

Different levels of commission can be set for varying amounts in each section whether that’s treatments, packages, and non-stock or even by manufacturer if you wish to incentivise staff to sell a certain brand that month.

After the commission structure has been set up once in your system, it can be applied to any staff member, at any time, in their staff set-up. Monthly reports can be printed to be included with staff wage slips, informing them of the commission gained.