How The Right Software Investment Can Save Your Business Time and Money

As a spa owner, your main objective will no doubt be to make a difference to clients’ happiness and wellbeing. To achieve this however, your business needs to be running smoothly. This will ensure the client journey is as seamless as possible.

Premier Spa Software can help you achieve this by taking the pressure off of daily tasks, simplifying and managing areas of your business to ensure that each process of the spa experience happens without a hiccup. If you want to find out how the right software investment can save your business time and money, you’ve come to the right place.


Begin your software journey by utilising the automated marketing tool, built into Premier Spa, to send email and SMS reminders to your client’s phone, tablet or computer in real time. Appointment reminders ensure no-shows are a thing of the past and promotional messages create a busy schedule without breaking a sweat. Just set your desired criteria with who you wish to receive the message and let the software do the hard work for you.


Give your clients the opportunity to book a treatment at a time that suits them and they will thank you. Whether they wish to check your availability on your website or through Facebook, from the comfort of their home or at work, Premier Spa means you are open for business 24/7.

Linked appointments are a doddle to book and, thanks to the software’s clever thinking, treatments which shouldn’t be booked together will flag up a warning. You can also attach a medical status to your client’s card to ensure you never perform a treatment which is unsuitable for them.

Plus, Premier Spa monitors room and equipment allocation when suggesting availability for treatments. This means you can rest assured that you will always have the resources to provide the booked appointment.


Don’t stress about what products to offer your clients, Premier Spa is there to provide you with all the information you need to suggest the most relevant goods to your client. Their client record card stores their treatment history neatly in a file to help you bounce ideas for suggesting products used during their favourite massage or manicure. It also records previously purchased items and sends out an email to inform that client when their favourite product is back in stock.


Premier Spa will continue working for you even when everyone’s gone home thanks to the Reports function. With this you can easily monitor your staff’s performance such as average bill, client retention, commission and set targets to motivate employees to achieve their goals.

Other useful statements include client statistics and financial reports which help you to keep track of client loyalty, recommendations and referrals, top spending clients, daily and weekly totals, best selling products and stock value. This information gives you all of the insight you need on your business to ensure it’s working at full capacity and capability every day of the week.

If you want more information on what else Premier Spa can do for your business, visit our website or email our representatives at to book a demo.