Historical Bookings and Unavailability Tracking Added to Salonlite

For us, good software support is founded on really listening to our users, picking up on the issues that face them every day, and working out how best we can help make their lives easier.

After some conversations with Salonlite users, we’ve added historical bookings, and unavailability tracking over the last few days.  Find out about the new features below.

Historical Bookings

Some of our users told us that they wanted to add in historical appointments, so they could see the clients history without having to check back on paper records.  To help with this, we added an extra feature to Salonlite that allows you to add appointments to dates prior to Today.

To enable the new feature, click onto Setup from the main screen and select System Settings.  You’ll see a tick box named Historical Bookings Allowed.  Check the box and click onto Save to enable Historical Bookings.

Allow Historical Appointments Image - salonlite

Unavailability Tracking

While you’re currently easily able to mark a member of staff as unavailable in your diary, sometimes it would be helpful to see a reminder of why they’re unavailable – which is why we’ve introduced unavailability tracking.

To use the new feature, all you need to do is enter a reason for the staff member being unavailable when booking them out.

Once the details have been entered, this will be displayed against the appointment.

New Support / Suggestions Site

As you can probably tell, we take suggestions for improvements to the software very seriously here at Premier Software, which is why we’re currently creating a community specifically for Salonlite, where you can get help, advice from other users, and make suggestions as to what else you’d like to see in the software.

You can visit the community page by clicking here