20 Years of Premier Presents Throwback Thursday – 2010




Enterprise2010 and another new product launch for Premier, Spa + enterprise Edition was released in March of this year. The Software was designed to manage multi-location spa businesses, allowing for localised customisation at each site and head office access to live data from all locations. The new software boasted one database that held all guest, member or visitor information, along with complete history of their visits, including personal profile, treatments booked, preferred therapists, retail purchases, promotional activity, and membership status.


pieIn August the training team at Premier Software received some well deserved praise and feedback. We had fantastic feedback from our clients regarding our trainers, with a survey carried out revealing 97.9% felt the training they received was effective.


skyDanAlso in 2010 Premier were flying high for the Stroke Association. On Sunday 24th October, Daniel Clarke took part in a tandem skydive and raised over £300 for the Stroke Association. When talking about his experience Daniel said that, ‘the Skydive was an invigorating experience that he would recommend everyone tries. However, it is not something that he would repeat himself, stating that it was a very alien feeling jumping out of a plane!’


In other technical news Apple release the new iPhone 4, but problems with antenna design caused consumer problems. They also release the iPad taking the new technology of touch screen computing to new levels. However, Android powered phones begin to outsell Apple in the smart phone market.

You may also remember form this year, Spain winning the World Cup that took place in South Africa, and the constant hum of the VuVuZela that accompanied the event! The release of films such as Inception and Despicable me, and music in the charts such as Black Eyed Peas, Meet me Halfway and Bad Romance by Lady Gaga.