An ‘App-y Christmas from Premier Software

It’s coming up to Christmas, and it’s fairly likely a few lucky people will be on the receiving end of a shiny new iPhone or iPad.  Want to know what apps you should get?  We asked some of the Premier team what their ‘must have’ apps were (and also got a sneaky view of the new iPad / iPhone booking web app).

Robert Miles, Managing Director

Robert has been a long time fanatic of Apples gadgets, and is often seen around the office clutching his iPad.

Flipboard, a ‘social magazine’, automatically aggregates lots of information, so I can see what’s going on all in one place. The new voice activated organiser, Siri, makes life so much simpler. New ideas and innovation are always important, so it’s great to catch up on TED lectures via the TED app, and Twitter is a brilliant way of keeping up with whats happening as it happens.

And of course, Angry Birds, for those few snatched moments of peace!”

Simon Park, Senior Trainer and Installer

Simon is one of our ever-busy training and installation team, and lots of travel means his iPhone can be a lifeline

Documents 2 is a great way of editing spreadsheets on the move – very useful for tracking company car use! We get a lot of installations around the London area, so TubeMap is a must for helping navigate around the city. As a bit of a petrolhead, I love F1, so the official app helps me keep up with live timings during the F1 season, and Eurosport to keep up with sports news. Finally, Facebook and Twitter help me keep in touch with everyone back at the office”.

Conner Evans, Support Analyst

Conner is one of our newer members of the team, and can be found flying pretend aircraft on his iPad during his lunchbreak

MyPad is an important social tool for me, as it integrates Facebook and twitter into one flowing stream, and it’s better presented than the official Facebook app. I have an addiction to second-hand shopping, so eBay is a must.

I love to read, and iBooks is a really good way of carrying around an extensive library all on a single device.

Stephen Wileman, Head of Development

Stephen has been involved in the development of Premier products for well over a decade, and in his spare time is an avid retro gamer.

iRepton and Angry Birds are current favourites for gaming.  As far as apps, I tend to stick to the inbuilt default ones – not many people seem to remember that the iPhone is actually a phone, and can send text messages and emails!”


Ashley Cresswell, Head of Support

Ashley heads up our busy Support department, and likes to have a mixture of fun and business apps on his iPhone.

Autodance is brilliant for creating hilarious (and often embarrasing) videos of friends and family dancing away.  Worms, a classic turn-based game with lots of explosions is always good to relieve some stress.

Media5 VOIP is a good, free voice over IP app which means I can move around the office but still be contactable on my desk extension, so I’m never out of touch with my team.  I’m often running late when I should be leaving the office, so the Sky+ app means I can always record the TV shows I might have missed, and Shazam – a music discovery app, that ‘listens’ to a track and then tells me who sang it is great for finding new music.”




Did you know you can also use your iPad to control your Premier software, via our web booking system?  Just imagine, sitting at home, full of Christmas Turkey – and happily checking out all the New Year bookings your business is making without even moving.

You can check out some of the screenshots below or, if you really want to test out your new techie skills,  try scanning the QR code with your iPad (you’ll need an app!) for a live demo – just enter the password as ‘demo’ without the quotes, and leave the username blank.

If you want more info on web booking or our web-app, then please get in touch with us.

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