12 Days of Christmas: Day 4 – A Time for Sharing

One of the reasons why twitter, facebook and all the other social media networks have taken off is because it’s a natural human response to want to share the interesting or funny things we come across everyday, and these websites let us update everybody almost instantaneously.

The question is, how can we share something that’s interesting enough for others to be interested in what we can provide?

In Sao Paolo, a vintage fashion store made themselves stand out by taking live photos of their collections using an iPhone and the Instagram app, displaying then in real time  to show off an instant, virtual catalogue (click for the full article).

It’s an interesting concept – normally these kind of high-fashion events are the realms of high-spec, SLR cameras, taking glossy images of models that can then be sent out on paper catalogues or printed flyers.  Which is fine – but this way creates something unusual, which can then be shared instantly, and distributed without any real cost.

Why not try grabbing your iPhone, download instragram and try it?  We’d love to see whatever images you make to help promote your business.

Here are a few that we found:

image by thatgirl71
image by my_p_p
image by my_p_p