Male Trends for 2015

Last year saw a huge growth in the male grooming market and as we have seen so far this year, it is still on the increase. From beard trimming to waxing and eyebrow threading, masculine beauty is going to remain big for 2015! Premier takes a look at what we can expect to see more of:


Last year we couldn’t get away from the ‘top knot’ and it looks like we will still be seeing more of them as male hair gets longer and more extravagant. We should expect shoulder length hair to come back with men embracing their natural curl or wave. By ensuring your salon is fully stocked with matte hair products, you can help men to tame or mess up their longer hair whilst also helping them to protect it from the elements.

Skin care

Men are looking more and more into specific skin care products that are tailored to the needs of their skin. Sports skin care is aimed at the athletic man and has already been a success with men looking for those products made with organic and natural products.


Men are predicted this year to follow more of a rugged, but groomed look and we see this with the increase of beard trimming and male eyebrow waxing or threading. To make the most of this trend, update your treatment menu to include male-specific treatments for their specific hair care treatments, cuts and beauty treatments.