Logging And Tracking Enquiries With The Online Portal

Premier Software’s extensive Support package contains a variety of key features to ensure the smooth running of your business. This includes but is not limited to; free phone advice, free software updates and the go-to feature for logging and tracking enquiries – the online portal.

Registration for the online portal is easy, click on the Support section at the top of the Premier Software website, choose your relevant product and then scroll down to the Online Support Portal login button.

portal button

Here you can access a link which will create a pre-formatted registration email. Once completed with your relevant business information, this will be sent to our Customer Care team, who will be in touch with your log in details via email.

To get started; log in to the portal, click the ‘create a new log’ link and select whether the issue is an incident e.g. a problem you are incurring or service issue e.g. marketing. Then include a description of your question or query and who is best to contact.

Once submitted, you can then track and monitor the status of your enquiry up until its pending resolution. At this stage, an email will be sent from the Customer Care team, detailing the issue and how it was resolved. If you are happy with the resolution, you can simply send a reply to Premier Software to close the case.

Portal_LoggedInV2 (2)

Other features of the portal include access to FAQs which may help resolve an issue without the need for opening a ticket, and access to our free webinar; ideal for topping up skills or teaching new members of staff the essentials for using your Premier Software package.

For more information on how Premier Software’s Online Portal or how the Support package can help your business, please visit our website or email our representatives at sales@premiersoftware.co.uk