5 uses for support

5 useful ways to use the support webpage for Premier Software

Premier Software’s website provides a support portal that’s invaluable for resolving system queries. Want an answer to a tricky question? Access the support page at the top of the website and sign in to the Online Support Portal. Once you’ve logged a ticket, the support team will then be able to help.

Here are five useful ways Premier Software’s support portal can help with:


Log a support ticket

The main reason to sign in is for help. Type out your query into the form that appears, logging the matter with Premier Software. You will then receive a unique “ticket” to confirm the support team are looking into the matter. They will be in touch shortly with a resolution.


Check your status

No matter what needs fixing in life, we all want it resolving as soon as possible. Conveniently, you can view the status of your ticket and approximate time of review. Log into Premier Software’s support page and you’ll be able to check the status of your current ticket with ease.


View past tickets

Ran into a user error you logged before? If you can’t remember how to fix it, the support team can provide an invite link, meaning you can log into the support page and view past tickets. That way, you can refresh your memory and continue running your business at full steam.


Send correspondence

Once logged in, you can send the support team further messages. That way, you can keep the team up-to-date with your query and its resolution. You can also access an online live chat function through the support page, under “chat with us” should you wish to discuss the matter in-depth.


Read notes

The support team can write useful notes on your ticket. You can view these details throughout the process, keeping you updated on their progress or letting you know of any specialist information.


Now that you’ve sharpened your support know-how, you can receive support whenever you need! If not already, why not register for a support contract to keep your business running like a well-oiled machine? To begin or upgrade, simply contact our team on +44 (0)1543 466580 or email sales@premiersoftware.co.uk. For more details, visit our website at www.premier-core.com