“You know who needs a haircut? People searching for a haircut” – Do Print Ads Work?

Internet search giants Google recently added a touch of irony to their advertising campaign by taking our a large newspaper advert – that was designed to prove that print ads don’t work.

It’s an interesting swipe at ‘mainstream’ media by the company, and at the same time it’s a reminder of the power of search, and why your business should be online.

What were Google saying here?  Effectively that, out of the newpapers circulation, only a small percentage would actually have any interest in a sizeable (and presumably expensive) advert.  Instead, they’re suggesting that people searching for ‘haircuts’ via their website are much more likely to respond to a relevant advert.

While we can’t all be Google, this is a good idea of the importance of your online ‘presence’, from your website to facebook, twitter, blogs and whatever other channels are relevant.  When your potential clients search for items relevant to your business, does your company name appear?  If you’ve got a website already, have you set up online booking for your Premier software or Salonlite?

You can read the original article at Mashable here