Seven days of Social Media

The hair, health and beauty industries have always realised that the best way of keeping a client is by being attentive to clients and applying the personal touch wherever possible.  Now, with sites like Facebook and Twitter becoming more and more popular, it’s possible to extend this care – and your brand – with just a little effort.

In this guide, we’re going to show you how to get your business on the most popular social networks by following a few quick, simple steps each day for a week.  Bookmark it, and make sure you come back each day to attain full enlightenment as a ‘Social Media Guru’.

Day One – Set up a Facebook page 

At the time of writing, Facebook currently boasts over 800 million active users, with over half of those visiting Facebook every day – so it’s easy to see how important it is for your business to ensure that you have a ‘presence’ there.

Fortunately, Facebook make it easy for anybody to create a page – simply go to and click ‘create’ and select the type of page you want to make.

Make sure you fill in your company information, add a photo, and let your friends know about your new page.


Need some help?  Check out this article on Mashable for creating  business pages on Facebook, and the official Facebook information page here.

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Day Two – Create a Twitter Account

Twitter is a way of sharing short ‘status’ messages to your followers (in answer to Twitters constant question of “What’s happening?”), while following on the updates of the people you follow.  Started  5 years ago, Twitter now has over 100 million active users on the site and, like Facebook, over half of those active users go to the site every day.

To sign up for a Twitter account, visit and simply enter your details in the relevant section.

Again, you’ll be able to use existing email accounts etc to try and locate potential people to follow, and you’ll be able to change your picture to something relevant to your business.  Make sure you pick something that stands out, so that people can easily recognise you (it’s not unknown for people to be following hundreds of others!).


Day Three – Getting Facebook Fans / Twitter Followers

You’ve got a Facebook site.  You’ve got your company logo on there, and you’ve invited your friends, but.. there’s nobody else on there.  Your twitter list of followers consists of a ‘comedy’ name that sends links about how to win an iPhone. So, how can we attract real people?

Firstly, make sure you’ve got a link to your Facebook page and twitter account wherever possible – on your email and website is the easiest option to start with, but it’s always useful (and becoming more common) to print your Facebook and Twitter address anywhere that you’re displaying your company name.

Want some extra ways to improve your Facebook following? Check out this article on Social Media Examiner.


Day Four – Getting Social on Twitter

Twitters main downfall is how difficult it can sometimes be to find interesting people to follow (who’ll hopefully also follow you back).  To get around this, you can help people find you – and find others – by visiting some of the Twitter directory sites and adding your Twitter detail.

The most well known directory sites are and  After you’ve added your company, it’s worth finding people worth following from your industry – just search on a relevant subject.


Day Five – Recap

So far, we’ve set up our facebook page and a twitter account.  We’ve ensured that both have a relevant account name, and a picture that stands out.  We’ve advertised that we’re now a part of social media.  We’ve added our twitter account to a directory, and we’ve followed some relevant people so we can start taking part in conversations.

What’s the next step? Post a Facebook status, and say hello to some of your fans or followers (remember, it’s all about the personal touch).  Upload some interesting photos to your Facebook page, and try RTing a tweet you found informative.

Need some help? Want to know what an RT is?  Check out Twitters own ‘Twitter for Business’ guide.


Day Six – Facebook Appointment Booking and

We’ve already mentioned the sheer amount of people using Facebook every day, and we’ve seen how to communicate with your Facebook fans – so how can your business really build on your new relationship?

If you’re using Premier Spa or Premier Style, you can let your clients book their own appointments directly from the comfort of their desk by setting up Facebook booking, and creating an account on our very own Yapps directory, which will allow potential clients to easily locate you.


Day Seven – What Next?

Google+ is now open to everybody and they’re finally allowing businesses to create pages, similar to Facebook, on their network.

Blogs, while seen as some as being a little old fashioned, are still a good way of showcasing your talents and thoughts to your clients.  The list of sites below give you different ways of blogging, mostly for free:

Think about creative ways you can use the free tools available online – could you upload images of your treatments to flickr , the photo sharing site?  Could you demonstrate a particular hairstyle, or show your clients how to recreate a certain look by uploading a video to YouTube?
Social Media is the perfect way of demonstrating what’s different about your business, and giving your clients a relationship that means that they’ll keep returning to you.
Let us know how you get on – you can always get in touch through our own Facebook page, or by tweeting @premiersoftware!