Make Social Media Work for You

Are you socially inclined? No, we’re not discussing your ability to hold a conversation with your customer, but more your presence on popular social media platforms. An increasing number of businesses are making an appearance on social channels in an effort to connect with their current clientele and reach new customers. For tips on how to make social media work for you, take a look at our 6 pointers below:

1 – One of the best platforms for hair and beauty salons is Instagram. With a look book feel, this image-facing social channel is a great place to demonstrate your previous work and skill set. It can also provide a wealth of inspiration at the tap of a finger.

Re-gram your clients’ photos or tag them in your own. They will feel flattered that you want to include them and it will also encourage them to get social with you. Ask what followers think of your nail art, hair style or enquire about what they are looking for next time they come in. This will help build relationships while giving valuable insight into your audience.

2 – Facebook and Twitter are favourites for informing clients about upcoming events or offering exclusive promotions. This will encourage them to follow you as they will be receiving a special offer that they wouldn’t have accessed otherwise.

3 – Treat your Facebook page like a mini website. You should detail all your important information – from your address and telephone number to opening hours and access to online booking. You can also update this platform with any relevant business news which may affect your current or prospective clients. From a new therapist or stylist to a change of holiday opening hours – this is an easy and effective way to get the message out to all your customers.

4 – Spread awareness and promote brand loyalty through contests and/or giveaways on Facebook and Twitter. These are easy to run and attractive to potential customers – who doesn’t like something for free? You can ask entries to share or retweet the post as part of their involvement to help promote your business to a wider audience.

5 –  Have you considered hosting your own advertising campaign on Facebook? Easy to manage, you can choose how much you want to spend, who your audience will be and receive reports which demonstrate how impactful your visuals have been. Your adverts will also be used on Instagram too! Win!

6 – Are you using hashtags? Whether its Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, #hashtags are your #friend. Location hashtags will help clients in your area find you, and general hashtags about what you are posting will enable viewers who are interested in the same content to discover and follow you #premierthinking #salongoals.