Is your Salon doing it right on social media?

Love it or hate it, social media is an important tool to grow your salon network. With over 2 billion active users, it would be crazy to miss out on all that Facebook has to offer. Meanwhile, Instagram’s emphasis on imagery makes it the ideal social partner for salons. But with such hair-raising competition out there, how do you know you’re posting the right content? Here are our social tips to keep your feed ahead of the game.


Insert Your Personality

Your personality will go a long way to encourage interaction, as well as set the tone of your salon. Your style can be demonstrated through photos of colouring work, videos of you in action, or simply from how you word those posts! Don’t be afraid to publish fun pictures with hashtags to show your personal side too – after all, everyone loves a good #puppypic for #furryfriday.


Share Content

Sharing industry news and trends is important as it will not only make you look relevant, but it will keep your audience updated on products or events they’re interested in. Similarly, if you share content from well-known brands, then fans of those brands will be drawn to your post, increasing awareness.


Run a Contest

A fun way to give back to your audience is by running a competition. This can be as simple as having your followers post images of their vibrant hair for a chance to win a free service at your salon. It also encourages your community to interact on your network, engaging them and promoting you at the same time as their friends potentially get involved, too.


Keep an eye on your post likes and comments to help shape your future content and elevate you to the next level! Of course, Salon by Premier Software offers social media integration to ensure your salon is successful. For more information, visit: