How to market your business for Father’s Day

Summer is a quieter time for beauty salons as clients’ jet off on their holidays. To combat this, key events such as Prom or Father’s Day, when thought about creatively, can be a lucrative opportunity.

To help you make the most out of the latter event, we have collated our advice on how to market your business for Father’s Day.

Target women

When we think of Father’s Day more often than not it’s not a man who will be buying the present!

Salon custom is still predominantly female, with one in every five customers reported to be male according to Salon Services Beautiful Britain report. It should therefore come as no surprise that women are more likely to purchase gift cards, retail products and arrange male treatments for their nearest and dearest.

However, with male attendance on the rise, Father’s Day demonstrates a key opportunity to expand your audience and open you salon to both sexes.

Raise awareness

Each customer who enters your salon should be made fully aware of your Father’s Day offerings before they even reach reception. Whether you create a retail stand specifically for the occasion, place gift cards at the till point or hang posters around the salon detailing your male-friendly treatments, awareness is half the battle to success.

Don’t forget to make use of Premier Software’s automated marketing tool to send promotional emails and texts to clients. These will help to inform clients about your special deals and perhaps encourage straying customers back into your salon to solve their gift giving woes. Perhaps they’ll book a treatment for themselves too!

Social media

Externally, both Facebook advertising and Instagram can be beneficial.

Facebook advertising can be tailored to hit a target audience, such as females within a certain radius of your salon, ensuring you get the best return on investment.

Meanwhile, with Instagram you can dedicate the week before and after Father’s Day to posting male-orientated tips, trends and advice. Combine this with male-centric hashtags, promotional material and deals such as money off pre-booked treatments or bounce-back offers and your salon will attract attention in no time.

Male friendly

On redemption, men may feel intimated about attending your salon. Dispel their fears with appropriate décor.

While pink fluffy cushions and towels may appeal to your regular clientele, your new male base may feel differently. Pop those cushions in a cupboard and throw around some blue, green and yellow touches to make the area more gender-neutral.

This, coupled with posters demonstrating both men and women enjoying treatments, will help settle their fears.

Whether you decide to do this for a week during Father’s Day, an extended fortnight, or expand your audience to entice male clientele the whole year through, one thing’s for sure – if you do it correctly, you’ll benefit for many months to come.