Guest Post – 5 Secrets to Social Media Success in the spa industry

579381_580615451957774_2088052344_nRunning a business means that you have to constantly keep up with new ideas and new technology.  Spa Business Bootcamp Guru Pete Scott tells us his top five secrets to Social media success for your Spa.

As a performance coach within the spa industry the science behind ‘why’ something works (or does not work) has always interested me especially in the areas of revenue results, individual or team motivation and of course; marketing response rates.

Now, being very clear at this stage, I claim to be no expert when it comes to social media and the technology side of things.  However, over the last 2 years I have personally built a strong and loyal online following who have turned out to be some of my best customers!  In actual fact, my latest figures report, 40% of my business has come through social media and with the up and coming Spa Business Bootcamp I am running in the New Year, it looks like this figure will rise another 5% to 10%.

Today I want to share 5 of these principles that I have picked up over the last 2 years.


1) Be on a mission within your community

The truth is, most spa businesses that are struggling are simply not thinking big enough within their local community.  They might be passionate about their treatments and delivering an exceptional service but in today’s world there are 10 other spas on every high street that feel the same.

To separate yourself from your competition, be on a mission within your community to help people have better skin or improve overall wellness.  This type of approach helps us to think BIG!


2) Educate, educate, educate

 Stop selling, start educating.  Are you ensuring that your Facebook fans and Twitter followers are learning something new from you each day?

The word here is ‘consistency.’  Consistently post top tips for better skincare, offer advice on healthy living and do this every single day.  It will give people a strong enough reason to follow your spa.


3) Call to actions

 Once you have a loyal and dedicated fan base or followers, when you are putting out your informative tips or even posting mini videos on greater wellbeing, make sure you always sign off with a call to action.

Just a simple ‘click here for more information’ can be enough to get your customers and potential customers clicking through to your website.


4) Get excited

 This may sound a little strange, however when you are writing a Facebook status update or Tweeting something new, you have to get emotionally excited while you are writing it!

98% of us are not in an excited state of mind when writing a status update, tweeting or blogging.  If you get excited when writing the message, your audience are much more likely to get excited too!


5) Work hard at keeping the clients you do get

Once your social media clients do become full paying guests it’s really important that you keep them interested in your business.  Thank them personally on your Facebook page for their visit today or run ‘client of the month’ competitions or come up with something creative.

If they have been following your Facebook page for six months and loving what you do, let them know you love them too.


Spa Business Bootcamp 2014

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Pete Scott is a leading performance coach in the Spa industry, working with businesses in the UK and Europe.  You can find him on Facebook and on Twitter.

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