Branding Your Business – in Six Seconds

vine_logo_sml_green  As a very visual industry, hair and beauty businesses have a wide array of freely available technology literally at their fingertips with the advent of smart phones.  Recently, competition for social video has been hotting up with the release of Vine and Instagrams addition of video.

Premier Software Community Manager Ian Mellett tells you to how to get the most out of video for your Spa or Salon.

American Artist Andy Warhol once famously said  that “In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes”.   Mr Warhol had obviously never experienced the time compressing properties of the internet, where, with apps like Twitters Vine and Instagram, you can enjoy your moment of fame in just six seconds.

What can you really do in 6 seconds?  Judging from some of the creative posts already appearing on Vine and Instagram, quite a lot.

The process itself is quite simple in both apps; point the camera, hold the button down to shoot, release to stop.  All you have to really think about is the story you’re telling with your video.

Show Off

For example, in the hair and beauty industry, a lot of care and attention goes to making the little things just right for your client, and video gives you a real opportunity to show off the tantalising detail of your products or services.  Check out this example  from OneNine Design, who use an animation effect to show off the detail of their product (the chocolate packaging).

‘Behind the Scenes’

Perhaps you’d prefer to show what goes on in running your business, giving your clients a peek ‘behind the curtain’, like fashion brand Marc Jacobs here, who used Vine to show off both their styles and their staff all in one post.

Instagram video lets you be a little more elaborate, given the extra time allowed, so you can do interesting longer items to show off your brand, like Michael Kors here.

‘How To’

You can also find time to fit in a ‘how to’ video with some thoughtful editing, like Nordstroms quick video on tying a tie here.  Pick something easy that you can easily show in a visual way, and you’ll be both informing your client and showing off your skills in less time that it’s taken to read this article.


So, which service should you be using?  At the moment, there’s pros and cons to both – Vine has better video editing capabilities whereas Instagram, as the longer running service, has a better inbuilt audience which you might have already accumulated through your still photos.

Want to read more?  Check out this TechCrunch article, which goes into a lot more depth in comparing Vine and Instagram.

We’d love to see your examples – don’t forget to post your vine or instagram links in the comments!