Salonlite – New Release

We’re always looking for new ways to improve our software, and we’ve often found that the key to knowing what to build into the system next comes from the people using it, as Salonlite users have found via the social support page where they’ve been able to raise requests.

We’ve kept a close eye on requests, and are pleased to announce new features to Salonlite, which you’ll see listed below

Mobile View

We’re still currently perfecting the Android and iOS native apps, but in the meantime we’ve made possible to get specifically designed mobile-view on any device.

To check it out, simply visit in your browser (if you’re using your mobile device to read this, just click the link).  You should be able to bookmark the location on your phone, and take Salonlite in your pocket everywhere you go.

We are continuing to work on ‘native’ apps that you’ll be able to get direct from the android / iOS app stores, and will keep you updated when it’s made available.


Export to Dropbox

We understand how important owning your own data is, and while we ensure all your information is safely stored on our servers, we also know it can be comforting to have your own copy.

To help you keep a copy of your own data, we’ve linked to popular online storage utility Dropbox*, enabling a simple backup process of all of your Salonlite data straight to your own personal Dropbox.

You can find this new feature on the Administration Panel within Salonlite, under the Export Data tab.  Once you’ve authorised Salonlite with Dropbox, it’s a simple one-click process to backup, after which you’ll find your data stored in apps\Salonlite\Export.


Staff Column Ordering

In some instances, you might want to specify which members of staff appear first in the diary – maybe you want to see more frequently booked staff members first, or want to be able to see your own staff prior to self employed staff.

You can now specify which order you want to see the staff columns simply by changing the column number located on the employees section of the Administration Panel.


Single SMS for Multiple Appointment Bookings

In the previous version of Salonlite, clients would receive an SMS reminder for each appointment booked.  For people having one appointment on a day, this is fine, but multiple appointments could become an annoyance rather than a reminder.

Salonlite will now only send a single reminder message, even when multiple appointments appear for the same client on the same date.

This was a request via our social support page, which you can see here.


Client Search 

When trying to make a booking for a client, instead of searching down the list to locate their name, you can simply start typing either their name or surname, and Salonlite will automatically start finding matches as you type.


Adding Notes on Appointment Completion

Upon marking an appointment as being completed within the system, you can now add notes straight from the completion screen.


Deletion of Historical Appointments

Made a mistake with a previous booking and want to get rid of it?  Salonlite now lets you delete historical appointments (assuming that the ‘allow historical bookings’ option is switched on).

This was requested on our social support page here.