Black Friday

How to maximise your Black Friday revenue

On Black Friday, everyone’s on the hunt for a good deal – clients want to minimise spend and you want to maximise profits. Luckily, both go hand in hand with our five ways to maximise Black Friday revenue:


Promote old stock

It’s time to shift old stock! Check your salon shelves and gather up those discontinued products, putting them into one neat Black Friday display. If you show their RRP and their discount, it’ll attract anyone looking for a great deal.


Open early

Everyone’s up early to grab the best deals on Black Friday. Open your doors a few hours earlier or later and you’ll extend the chance for clients to catch your deals. Alternatively, you can open late on Thursday to attract those staying up.


Package treatments

Unique offers will get people through your door, so how about a special Black Friday package? You could offer a set of relaxing treatments to soothe those after a hectic day!


Push gift cards

Gift cards make popular Christmas presents for friends and family. A deal such as “buy a £25 gift card, get a £5 gift card” gives clients something for later. Push those popular gift cards and you’ll increase business after the end of year rush!


Market in advance

It’s time to tease your Black Friday deals! Hint your upcoming offers on social media and you’ll boost their interest. Social media will be buzzing, so why not promote your deals there on the big day, too? You could offer clients bounce back vouchers to plump your profits during the quieter months.


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