Drive Sales to Your Salon at Quieter Times

As with any business, there are sure to be times that are busier than others. While Christmas, Valentines and Mother’s Day prove to be key sales drivers, custom can decline during the summer months when clients jet off on holidays. The trick to combatting this lull is to offer creative incentives to entice clients back through your salon doors. For advice on how to drive sales to your salon at quieter times, see our tips below:


Loyalty points are a proven concept. Many of us enjoy being rewarded with points for our food shopping or favourite clothing store and even for frequent flyers! So why not reward your clients each time they spend with you? Premier software will create bespoke loyalty cards that work in conjunction with your Premier system, meaning all you need to do is place your order, and decide how clients can redeem their new rewards, then away you go!

If you already offer loyalty points, consider doubling these as an incentive to visit during your quieter periods. Alternatively, your software can send an invitation for your top spenders to attend a VIP party where they can earn double points on purchases that evening.

Back for more

Why not use your automated marketing tool to send birthday offers to clients. Simply use one of our pre-made templates to create your message and your Premier system will send this out to your clients a set number of days before their birthday.

Why stop with one? You can set up as many messages as you wish to send automatically within certain criteria. Encourage clients back in who haven’t visited you in the past three months by sending a ‘missing you’ message. This will not only ensure clients feel valued but will also jog their memory about visiting your salon for their next hair or beauty fix.


There’s nothing we love more than spending time with the ones we love. So why not set up a referral scheme where clients can bring a friend along to their appointment and receive a free treat or discount? Remember to make clients aware of your deals during their appointments and through your social media and automated marketing.

Add value 

Don’t get in a discount war with the local salons. Remember the value of your treatment and add to it. This can be achieved by offering clients a special drink to accompany their treatment, a mini massage during their manicure treatment or upgrade the products you use.

Bring suppliers on board

Let your suppliers know your intentions. They may be able to support you with extra marketing material, free samples or gifts when clients make purchases of their products.

Staff matter

Make sure your staff salon software knowledge is up to date. Ensure they know to look at the client record card for a list of previously booked treatments that they can upsell when rebooking clients for regular appointments. Motivate staff with monthly targets and offer a reward for the biggest achiever.