Key Areas You Should Be Looking At To Improve Profitability

It would be difficult to run your salon/spa without the help of a fabulous team of therapists/stylists, dedicated customers who love your brand and a software solution which takes the strain out of daily tasks. However, it’s important to keep reassessing what works best for you to ensure that you are always improving and growing. While you could cut your overheads to increase your bottom line, this isn’t always necessary. Why not take a peek at our list of key areas you should be looking at to improve profitability:

Growing client base

Increasing your client base is a sure fire way to increase revenue. To do so, you should be looking at your business from a clients’ perspective. This includes analysing your window displays, website, social media and marketing. By updating these with new content and images you will increase the chance of them discovering you and then buying into your brand. So, whether you have a new promotion, are trialing some new products or have added a new treatment to your menu, remember to shout about it and get yourself noticed.

Rebook current clients

It can take a lot of time and effort to encourage customers through your door, when you have you want to secure this custom for the months to come. This can be achieved by wowing them with your 5-star service and making sure you are rebooking them in for their next appointment before they leave your salon.

Increasing spend

Once they’ve visited you a few times, consider increasing the amount they spend with you through methods that complement their favourite treatments, retail products which pro-long their results or upgrade them with a course of treatments with long term benefits.

For example, a regular wax customer may wish to switch to one of your IPL or Laser treatments. By doing so you will secure future custom for the course of the booking required while your client will also benefit from a more permanent solution.

Clients are unlikely to make that extra spend without your help and advice so by taking some time out of your day to create a recommended plan for them, you could reap the rewards later.

Don’t forget to use your software’s recommended products feature to upsell at the till point. Here you will be referred to products the client has bought previously or those used during their treatment that day.

Let your software monitor your performance

All of your and your teams’ hard work can be monitored through your software system. From setting pricing structures and discounts to providing loyalty points and checking where these are spent, your reports system is the hub of it all. By running reports, you can keep track of achievements and where there may be room for improvement. All to increase profitability month on month.