The Power of Retailing

Is your retail display looking dull and outdated? Are your staff wary of upselling and cross-selling products? Is your stock room over-flowing with old product? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time to realise the power of retailing.

The key to achieving this is through clever merchandising, trained staff and making the most of your salon software.

Retail display

The first thing we notice about a person is their looks and a retail display is no different. You must display your products in an attractive manner to encourage clients to browse.

While you may be eager to get stock out of the back room and onto the shelf, don’t fall into the trap of overstocking. This not only makes it difficult for clients to shop your shelves, but it also makes it look like you never sell anything – not something you want to portray.

As odd numbers are often considered more appealing to the eye, group products together in small sections of three or five, with premium products which will create the most profit at eye height (buy height!).

If you stock products which work well together, place them together! Clients are much more likely to purchase more than one product if you make it easy to decipher what works well together.

Take a picture of your retail display and use your salon software to monitor what products sell. Change your display every couple of weeks to keep it looking fresh and explore the success of different product placement.

Is price a sticking point?

While there is fierce competition on price from online retailers and high streets stores, this shouldn’t matter. Clients will buy from you because they trust you, your experience and your capability to suggest products that cater to their needs. However, there is no harm in making the price as attractive as possible!

As we look from left to right, the price on each shelf should gradually increase, making clients feel more comfortable about a slightly more expensive purchase.

Keep your bargain products in a bowl near the till for impulse purchases. While it may seem tacky to add those red £1 stickers to items, research shows that men respond well to the colour red, associating it with a bargain, while we all respond well to small numbers.

Why not implement a loyalty reward scheme to encourage purchases? You can order bespoke loyalty tags from Premier Software which will work in conjunction with your software package and clients will be encouraged to redeem their points on other products in future.

Old stock

Lots of old stock? Let’s sell it! Why not offer package deals on products to help clients prepare for summer. Monitor what sells through your software’s report function and create your new order form directly in your software. Don’t feel pressured into purchasing every product in a brands retail range. While it is fine to trial products to start with, you will soon notice what sells and what doesn’t.

Knowledge is power

Your final step is to train your staff to check the recommended stock and purchase history of their clients record card to ensure they are upselling effectively. Motivate your staff by setting targets or hold workshops where staff can share tips, try products themselves and role play situations to help them combat any client negativity.