Revel In Chocolate Therapy Treatments This Easter

At Easter time there’s sure to be one recurring thought on everyone’s mind – Chocolate… all of the chocolate! But have you put your business cap on and explored ways in which to incorporate this luxurious ingredient into your spa menu, whether that is through a limited edition signature treatment or a staple offering all year through? If you haven’t, you should! Chocolate provides many skincare benefits, so it’s time to revel in chocolate therapy treatments this Easter.

Did you know chocolate appeals to your skin as much as it does to your taste buds? Old wives tales tell us that chocolate is bad for our complexion but it actually contains antioxidants which help fight against free-radicals, one of the key components which can lead to premature ageing. Chocolate also contains caffeine which helps to stimulate circulation, increasing your client’s blood flow. Couple these fantastic features with its mood-boosting scent and clients are guaranteed to leave your spa feeling renewed and refreshed.

There are many ways to incorporate this versatile ingredient into your client’s treatments; whether the cocoa bean husks are used in a sugary sweet scrub to provide body exfoliation before a wrap, essence of cocoa used in facial products to provide the skin with vital minerals without the calories, or cocoa butter massaged into the skin during manicures and pedicures to add a touch of luxury and nourishment.

Why not round off your chocolaty treat with the offer of a truffle, chocolate coated strawberry or cup of hot cocoa. This will reinforce the chocolate experience and ensure your clients completely melt into relaxation this Easter.