Increase Your Gift Card Sales with These Easy Steps

Gift cards are a huge asset to your salon or spa. Not only can they increase your revenue but they can also solve the gift dilemmas of current clients or encourage new ones to visit. Increase your gift card sales with these easy steps:

Bespoke design

Review your gift card range – Do they scream luxury? Are they attractive to the eye? Are there a variety of designs to choose from? As gift cards are sometimes lumbered with the ‘cop-out’ name, your offerings need to be as special as possible to help remove that stigma.

Here at Premier Software, we offer a bespoke design service whereby we will create one-off cards to your spec, delivered straight to your door. What’s more, they work in conjunction with your software! Simply scan the barcode and the details of that card will be brought up on your system.

Card holders

Another way to make your gift cards more appealing is through providing card-holders. After all, who wouldn’t prefer a shiny card in a glossy holder over a flimsy print-at-home voucher on see-through paper? If the gift card is going to a new client, this could be the first impression they have of your salon, so wouldn’t you want it to be one of luxury? You can also purchase your holders straight from us. Simply email to place your order.

High visibility

Now you’ve improved your offerings, don’t shove them behind a current display or till point. These cards deserve to be displayed proudly on your reception desk or retail display. Why not frame a few signs around your salon informing clients of your new range of cards? Half the battle when increasing sales is through making your clients aware they are available in the first place!

Give them away

This may seem a little counter-intuitive, but giving gift cards away could really help to increase your sales. Whether you offer them to big spenders as a way of thanking them for their custom or give them as a prize in a social media giveaway, it is all about awareness and client loyalty. They are the biggest advocate you have of your salon. They will either tell their friends about your salon or buy someone close to them a gift card which widens your audience. So be generous and give back – it will pay to do so.