Tips To Help You Navigate Your Salon Interior

We all know how quickly first impressions are formed and how dramatically they can shape our opinion of a person, object or indeed business. It is therefore critical that your interior layout and décor represent your business in the best light, maintaining practicality while still appealing to your clients. See below for our top tips to help you navigate your salon interior:


Furniture is one of the most important and costly outlays you make when kitting out a salon or spa. It is therefore crucial to consider its suitability in terms of size, use and style. Therapy couches or hairdressing chairs that are too large can severely hamper the client experience so to avoid this, try drawing a floor plan of your business first. This way you can mark out any equipment to see how it will fit before making any concrete decisions.

Electrical as well as disable access should also be high on your requirement tick list. However these considerations shouldn’t mean compromising on aesthetics. There are many companies available who will personalise your order with complementary colours to co-ordinate with your salon’s theme. Just remember when picking your shades that darker upholstery hides a multitude of sins.


A great way to define areas within the salon is through flooring. Whether that is through material or colour, clients will have a much better comprehension of the space if you divide it up accordingly. Don’t forget to keep in mind installing a floor that is easy to maintain, and perhaps one that combats high levels of noise.


Like flooring, lighting is a great way of defining zones and creating atmosphere. Task lighting hanging above work areas will aid sufficient visibility when working, whereas soft ambient lighting on the walls will help to set a more relaxed tone.

Don’t forget to use natural lighting where possible, but remember that not all clients will want to be on show. Consider placing advertisements in larger windows to preserve privacy, or turn workstations sideways to utilise natural light while ensuring clients don’t feel overly exposed.

Tips and Tricks

Final tips and tricks to help improve the styling of your salon include the use of mirrors, particularly in smaller spaces where a feature wall can help to open up the room; concealed storage which will de-clutter a confined area, aiding the illusion of space, and last but not least partitioning which will create an sense of tranquillity and privacy.