Salonlite – Adding a ‘Book Now’ link

Online bookings are a great way to expand the availability of your business without adding extra cost.  Users are able to manage their own bookings straight from their browser, rather than having to remember to call you when they have time.

If you’re a Salonlite user, we’ve written some useful instructions to help you get up and running with online booking in a few simple steps

Firstly, you’ll need to locate the online booking  website address Salonlite has automatically generated for you.  To do so, simply log into your Salonlite account, go into Set Up and select the System Settings tab.  You’ll see the booking address at the bottom of the page – highlight it with your mouse, right click and select ‘copy’.

admin panel

Adding a Link

If you’re adding a link directly into a website, you’ll just need to create some HTML – if you have experience in doing this, then you can simply enclose your online booking address in a link.  If not, feel free to copy the code below, replacing with your own information.

<a href="">Click here to book online!</a>
<small>Powered by <a href="">Salonlite</a> </small>

Feel free to use our ‘Book Now’ button below when linking back to your online booking page if you’re comfortable in doing so:



Adding a Widget in WordPress

Please note that the WordPress Widget is an unsupported beta release.

If you’re using WordPress and want to add a widget to your system, we have an unsupported plugin available to make the process even easier, allowing you to simply add a ‘book now’ button to your wordpress sidebar.

Firstly, download the widget here: salonliteWPWidget

Log into your WordPress site administration panel and locate Add New from the Plugins menu and select the Upload option.



Select Choose File and locate the plugin file you downloaded, ensuring you click Install Now once you’ve selected the plugin file.

Once it’s uploaded, you’ll see a message similar to the one below; just click Activate Plugin to continue.



Activating the plugin will give us some extra settings in WordPress, which you can see when selecting the Settings menu.

salonlite settings


This setting  lets us tell the plugin what our Salonlite booking address to use.




Copy the Salonlite web booking address into the Booking URL option and click Save Changes.  That’s the only option we need to set from here, so now all we need to do is add the widget to our sidebar.

Select Appearance and Widgets from your WordPress admin menu, and simply drag the Salonlite Widget into whichever widget section you wish.  You’ll now see your ‘Book now’ widget appearing on your website.




Do you use any other system to help manage your website? Would you like instructions for any other sites? Let us know in the comments!