Premier Spa / Premier Style Version 7.6 On It’s Way!

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been talking a lot about how we’re listening to our clients, and why this is important to us.  As part of this ongoing plan, we sent out a questionnaire to our clients asking what they wanted to see in the next version of Premier Spa and Premier Style.

We’re pleased to announce that Premier Spa and Premier Style 7.6 has now been released, including a new look and some new features, all of which have come from your ideas.  Take a look below at the main features, or view the PDFs below to see the new features we’ve added!

UpdateDocumentSpaV7 6 4

UpdateDocumentStyleV7 6 4

Make sure you click ‘read more’!

As always, updates are part of your ongoing support contract – see the end of this post to see how you can get hold of the latest update to your software.


We’ve updated the look of Premier Spa and Premier Style to give a more modern, more fluid design over the original screen layout.

New look screen - click for full size

Custom Logo

For any business, consistant branding is an important part of the overall impression of a company.  To ensure that you can modify your system how you want it, we’ve created a custom logo feature.

Theme Support

Want to be able to change your software to suit your salon – or maybe even just your mood?  The latest update to Premier Spa and Premier Style enables themed support, so now you can change the look of your system simply by switching options.

Category Highlight

Categories can now be used as an additional way of seeing what’s happening in your business at a glance, simply by checking the diary view.

You can customise the category highlight colours within the software to your liking, changing them at any time via the software configuration

If we get a closer look at the appointments, you can see that there’s now an indicator strip on the left to show the status (arrived, departed or completed), and the appointment colour reflects the appointments category.


Diary Quick Jump

Repeat business is important, and we understand that in a lot of cases you need to quickly be able to book a clients next appointment in 4, 6, 8 weeks (or whatever they need) without having to work it out.

That’s why we’ve introduced the ‘quick jump’ feature.  Click the number of weeks ahead you want to move in the future, and the diary view will automatically work out the date.


Other Items we’ve ran out of room for…

The list of features in the update is exhaustive, so rather than overload you with them all, here’s a quick overview (you can read more about them in the PDF – Style|Spa):

  • Diary Closure, allowing you to automatically mark all staff / rooms as being unavailable for specific dates, like Bank Holidays.
  • Moving arrived appointments, enabling you greater flexibility within your diary.
  • Viewing extra detail on past / departed appointments, so you can now see the original appointment notes from ‘old’ appointments.
  • New diary view symbols, so you can see more appointment information without clicking on anything.
  • Staff Appointment Schedule printed to your receipt printer.
  • Do Not SMS flag to help you manage your clients privacy options.



How Do I Get It?

Software updates are provided as part of your ongoing support contract, so if you have a contract in place you can download the update now from the support area (you’ll need your serial number, which you can find by clicking ‘help’ and ‘about’ in your software, and your company postcode).

If you don’t have a contract with us and you’d like to get your software up to date, give our sales team a call to discuss renewing your contract on 01543 466580.