Premier Spa / Premier Style v7.7 – Release Preview

If you managed to visit our stand at Professional Beauty North recently, you might have caught sight of our team showing off some of the new features we’re about to release for Premier Style and Premier Spa.

We’ve detailed some of the brand new features below – take a look!

Client Retention Reports

We’re often told that gaining new clients is more expensive than retaining existing ones, but how do you know if your clients are coming back?

The new Client Retention reports will show you how many clients are rebooking over your selected timespan, letting you check at a glance that clients are coming back to your business.

Don’t forget to read our article on improving your rebook rate for some tips on increasing those numbers!


Client Information Worksheet


Appointment Overlay

When you’re running a busy reception desk, you don’t want your computerised system to get in the way of getting important information quickly.

With the new Appointment Overlay, you can see a summary of all the important information – including any appointment notes – simply by hovering your mouse over the treatment.

Highlight Non-Arrivals, Cancellations and On-Accounts on Booking

When booking an appointment, it’s sometimes easy to miss important information while you’re focusing on getting the details right.

To help you make quick decisions, we’ve now added high-contrast buttons that instantly make you aware of any past cancellations, non-arrivals or outstanding items on account that the selected client may have.


Email Validation

Any system is only as good as the data you put into it, and the latest update helps ensure your client email information is correct.

With Premier Postcode installed, your Premier Spa or Premier Style software can now automatically validate client email addresses for you, which means you can be confident that your marketing is reaching everybody you want it to with the minimum of effort.

Note that Email Validation is only available as part of Premier Postcode.


Reprint Receipt

Need another copy of an earlier receipt?  Now you can easily obtain one by selecting it from the Amend Till Receipts screen.


Category Colour Options

After user feedback, we’ve now made the category colours an optional feature – if you’d prefer to stick to the original colour scheme for arrived and departed appointments, you can now select your preference via the software configuration.


Manually Refund a Prepayment

After requests from Premier Spa users, we’ve now made it even easier to refund prepayments by providing a simple button as part of the manual refund options.


Record Patch Tests Easily

Patch tests are an important part of looking after your client, so to make storing this information easier you’ll now find an additional section added to the client client – just tick the box, and the system will automatically add the date for you.

If you make a booking that requires a patch test, if the clients patch test is out of date or hasn’t been completed, you’ll be given a warning:


Storing Social Media links

Social media is an integral part of keeping in touch with your clients, so we’ve added some new features to help you keep up with your clients on Facebook and Twitter.

Search by Telephone and Email

Don’t have all the details for the client you’re after, but need to find their record card?  We’ve added two new search methods – Telephone and email –  to help you locate them quickly and easily.


Extra Slots for Waiting Lists

At Premier Spa and Premier Style users requests, we’ve now increased the number of requests clients can make when being added to the waiting list.  More slots –  more opportunities for you to get that client booked in!


Easily Retrievable Marketing Criteria

Marketing is an important part of running your business, and with technology such as Premier Spa and Premier Style, it’s become easier and cheaper than ever to run your own campaigns.

When you’re deciding who to send marketing emails, letters and text messages to, you’ll quite often want to use the same criteria on multiple occasions.  Your Premier software will now make it even easier to do so, by allowing you to ‘save’ your criteria and re-use it whenever you wish.



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How Can You Get The Latest Release?

If you hold a support contract with Premier Software, you don’t need to do anything – we’ll automatically let you know when the update is available, at which point you can login to our website and download the update.

Don’t have a support contract and want to get your hands on the latest improvements?  Contact our sales team on 01543 466580.