Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

If you have a website for your salon or spa business, do you know whether it is mobile-friendly?

As of 21 April 2015, Google warn they will be ranking websites that aren’t mobile-friendly lower down for mobile Google searches. (For those not in the know, a mobile-friendly or mobile-responsive website automatically re-sizes the layout of your website to fit the device you’re reading it on, whether that be desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.)

So how will this affect my business?

The main problem with websites that aren’t mobile-friendly is usually unreadable, small pages that make navigating the website almost impossible to read and understandably infuriating to view. With your clients wanting to be able to keep up to date with your business on the go, the ability to be able to view your website (and book appointments) via their mobile phone is vital in ensuring your clients don’t abandon your website entirely on their smartphones. With Google now being able to signal those websites that are hard to use and not easy to view on mobile devices, your Google ranking may be damaged as a result as you appear lower down in the search.

Towards the end of this month if your salon or spa website is not mobile-friendly, there is a chance you may see a drop in your Google ranking or people searching for your website on their mobile phones altogether. This is critical if your competitors already have their websites set up to be responsive, as they may start appearing higher than you in Google searches on mobile. There’s still time to take action so don’t panic if this applies to you and if you are concerned, consult a web designer or the individual/company who designed your website for you.