Pantone Living Coral

How to channel colour of the year 2019 into treatments

Pantone’s exciting colour snapshot for 2019 has been unveiled as Living Coral.

Every year, colour experts Pantone pin down a colour that’s “symbolic of what’s taking place at the moment” explains Pantone vice president, Laurie Pressman. So, it’s no surprise that the year of climate change and changing coral reef have been a key influence in Pantone’s choice of “life affirming” colour.

Why not inject some colour into your treatments? With 2019 just around the corner, it’s time to explore the ways Living Coral can lift your salon:


Nail polish

Living Coral and similar peachy shades will be popular go-tos for new year nails. When combined with a complementary colour, such as green for peach or blue for orange, the Living Coral shade will stand out even more. You could even try patterns in coral-style designs!


Colour therapy

Light and colour therapy is popular as it can relax, motivate or heal, based on bodily energies. Orange spurs creativity and sexuality – the closest colour to Living Coral. Even just lining your salon with Living Coral products can help build creativity, or reds can stimulate clients and build trust during treatments!


Coral Cosmetics

Plump up those lips with a peachy palette! Plenty of cosmetics have boarded the Coral train, particularly for the eyes and lips, to create that tawny look. The best part is that Coral isn’t too vibrant or muted to make clients think twice about its use. Why not eye up some Coral cosmetics?


Sunset hair

From coral tips to highlights, there are plenty of possibilities for hair. The smouldering apricot on melted pinks can create the look of an early evening sunset style.

Inspired? There are plenty of other ways to make use of 2019’s Living Coral, of course! Stay in-trend and you’ll see your salon through the quieter months come January.