Top 10 Marketing Tips for a successful 2012


As one year comes to a close, there’s no better time to plan how you are going to make your business bigger and better for the next.  With the assistance of our PR & Marketing agency, The Spa PR Company, we’ve put together our Top 10 Marketing Tips for a successful 2012.

1.    Start now

Don’t leave it to January to start planning your 2012 marketing activity.   Planning now will ensure you give your business the best possible start for the year.


2.    Plan ahead

Start a month by month schedule of activity.  Having a focus each month for the different revenue streams of your business with consistent messaging will move everything forward and means you can be proactive rather than reactive to opportunities.


2.   Engage Your Team

Remind your team what your aims and objectives are for the coming year.  There’s a saying that if you put something in mind, it happens.  With all of your team having the same positive thoughts, just imagine what heights you could achieve!


4.    Build your database

Make 2012 the year you go all out to obtain every customer email and mobile telephone number you can.  Building your own email database may take time but it’s going to prove your most valuable business asset in the long term.  Start with your own clients and then use your website, blog, facebook, twitter, LinkedIn accounts to bring more in.


5.    Don’t be afraid to ask favours

When someone has had a good experience of your service, encourage them to tell their friends (sometimes we need a little reminder!)   Do this through your email marketing.  If they have found your email helpful or useful, ask them to forward to a friend.  Incentivise them with ‘bring a friend’ or ‘spa party’ offers and suggestions.  Basically, if they help you, you’ll help them.


6.    Review your website

In this world of online research on the move, your website is your window to the world.  Make sure it’s professionally designed and search engine optimised.  Keep up-to-date and you could receive lots of high quality enquiries from prospective clients.


7.    Blog 

Did you know that the word ‘Blog’ is one of the most popular words on the internet today?  Everyone loves an expert and a blog enables you to give frank and personal comments on your services which will be valued by others and draws you a following.

Unlike many other marketing tools, it has credibility and a much longer shelf life than something like an email newsletter.  It’s also easy to syndicate a blog and update.  Encourage your team to add in their views and thoughts.  Talk about what’s new, seasonal treatments, gifts etc.  Make it interesting and informative and your blog following will soon grow.


8.    Post a review

Take advantage of the free online directories which includes our own  Sign up details of your spa or salon and treat it as an extension of your own website.  Keep it up to date with your latest treatments and services and encourage your clients to post their reviews.


9.    Find a partner

Form a joint venture with a business that has a similar customer database but is non conflicting.   Agree to some contra-marketing activities, whether it’s inserting a flyer into their next direct mail shot or putting together an exclusive offer on your services to email their database and you will do the same for them.


10.      Go for an award

An award winning business proves much more attractive to our customers than one that isn’t and can be a vital marketing tool.  With so many award opportunities around, it’s worth entering those which could benefit your business.

There is a wide choice of hair, health & beauty industry awards to choose from and our insider tells us that not as many people as you think enter them so your chances of being a winner could be considerably higher than you think!  Look too at the regional awards available to you and if you consider your business to be one of the best in the country then go all out for the various national magazine awards.   If appropriate use your database to engage support for your award win and then once, you’ve won (we’re eternally optimistic!) make sure you tell everyone you’re an award winning business.