Maximising Every Opportunity To Upsell

Running a successful business is difficult but maximising every opportunity to upsell can really help increase sales and profitability. If you are not sure where to begin, take a look at our top five tips to help get you started:

1 – Get to know them – By getting to know your clients, they will be much more likely to reveal concerns which you can treat within your salon. Resolve the issue by booking them in for a course of treatments and couple this programme with at-home products to keep clients on track in-between appointments.

2 – Additional business – Don’t forget, you know your clients better than anyone else. Utilise this knowledge to market your other services. This may include retailing gift cards for a special birthday; offering holiday packages to prepare your client before takeoff or suggesting group events where clients can relax, unwind and feel pampered.

3 – Loyalty schemes – It’s important to reward client loyalty. Through the implementation of loyalty tags, you can track client spending and award points. This will encourage customers to redeem these incentives by revisiting your salon to book additional treatments or make retail purchases.

4 – Product Freebies – Everyone loves something for free, so remember to hand out samples. Customers will be much more likely to purchase the full-sized item once they’ve experienced the proven benefits at home. If the product isn’t in stock, your salon management system will add the item onto an out of stock list against the customer’s card, ensuring that they receive a call as soon as it arrives back in.

5 – A gentle reminder – Stay in contact with clients after they’ve left the salon. Email or SMS marketing can be used to entice customers to rebook, inform clients of new treatments or simply wish a regular customer a Happy Birthday with a range of offers they can take advantage of on their special day.

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