Marketing Your Services for Proms and Debs

Teenagers are beginning to get excited about their Prom or Debutant Balls. Why not get involved yourself by offering your services to these excited individuals and help them get ready for their big day.

A key opportunity to increase immediate turnover while potentially securing a lifetime of future custom, offering treatments or packages will showcase your menu to a new client base. If this opportunity sounds like it’s ticking all the boxes but you are questioning how to get the ball rolling, take a look at our tips for marketing your services for proms and debs.


Your current client base is your first point of call when marketing new Prom and Deb packages. Whether you enquire if your client has a friend or family member who may be interested, or send an automated email or text to all clients to let them know about your newest packages, loyal customers are much more likely to recommend other clients and secure additional business.

Why not offer an incentive – either a referral scheme where girls can bring their friends with them and get money off their treatment, or reward mothers who bring their daughters in with additional loyalty points or a free mini manicure or pedicure while they wait.

Alternatively, you could collaborate with businesses and schools in the area to help spread the word about your new packages. Are there any opportunities to get involved in newsletters or leave leaflets with them to hand out? By doing so, you will be directly hitting your core audience!

What they want and what to consider

There are countless treatment combinations you could offer. While it’s nice to have a few set options, don’t be frightened to customise package. Invite clients in for a consultation where you can find out more about their desired look and quote individually on a case by case basis.

Some examples of suitable packages for teenagers include: free lash application when you purchase a tan, manicure or pedicure treatment; free mini make-over with every blow dry appointment or free nail art when you purchase a spa manicure and pedicure service. Entice them with mocktails and nibbles to help ensure they feel special. You can upsell retail products towards the end of the appointment to help them recreate their favourite looks at home.

Remember, if you are treating clients under 16, a parent or guardian must be present and give permission for the treatment to go ahead.

Get involved

Encourage teens to take pictures of their new hair, nails or make-up and tag you in it on their social media pages. This is a significant opportunity for you to market your offerings and build a long-lasting relationship by engaging with them, thanking them for their visit and wishing them a lovely evening. With some nurturing, the relationship could become a long-lasting and fruitful one for your business.