How To Increase Your Salon Rebooking Rate

Client rebooking and retention go hand in hand. Rebooking focuses on scheduling your client’s next appointment, whereas retention puts time and care into building relationships and rewarding client loyalty. For help on how to increase your salon rebooking rate, take a look at our ‘How to…’ guide below.

The benefits of rebooking for you are obvious; you have secured future income and are relieved of the pressure of finding new clientele, but are you sure that the benefits are obvious to your client? It may be helpful to remind them that by rebooking straight away, they are guaranteed an appointment with their preferred stylist, at a time that suits them. Regular maintenance will ensure their hair is continually looking its best.

Add the fact that they can rearrange or cancel their appointment within a certain time frame without penalty and you’ve got them hooked.

How to… begin the rebooking process

Booking culture begins with the client consultation. During any such appointment you should discuss their expectations. By doing so, you are able to provide your expert advice on the best course of action.

This consultation must be followed by good service. If the client doesn’t feel like they are getting a first class treatment, they are unlikely to rebook, regardless of the techniques you use.

As an appointment comes to a close, bring the conversation back around to their initial consultation and remind them of the course of action you suggested. This will start them thinking about rebooking.

How to… pose the question of rebooking

This can be tricky for some, as you don’t want to appear pushy. However, asking the simple question ‘Would you like to book another appointment?’ won’t work.

As you leave the workstation and are discussing the consultation, a natural progression would be to say: ‘To keep you on track, I’d like to see you again in 4 weeks time. Currently I have availability on Tuesday and Wednesday. Which one works best for you?’ This directive approach avoids a dead end reply.

Practice this method during group training where each staff member can role-play similar situations to find an approach which works best for them.

How to… incentivize staff to rebook their clients

Rebooked appointments put you in demand, which can be a great morale boost and an effective motivator. Encourage rebooking by turning it into an internal competition that can be monitored through your salon software.

How to… improve booking rates after the client has left the salon

If your client has left without rebooking, don’t feel disheartened. Why not set your software’s marketing tool to send clients an email or text after they’ve left thanking them for their custom. You can inform about online booking facilities and provide a promotion, perhaps a discount, for using the system. Providing your client with a loyalty tag which works in conjunction with your software to reward client spending will also encourage them back through the door to redeem their points.

Follow this up with an active presence on social media and this will ensure you are always on your clients’ radar.