How To: Configure Loyalty Points in Premier Style and Premier Spa

As we mentioned in our previous post, ‘Avoiding Empty Seat Syndrome‘, rewarding clients loyalty is a great way to retain existing clients. In todays blog post, we’re going to show you how to configure your Premier Spa or Premier Style software to use a loyalty scheme in a simple steps. In this example, we’re going to configure loyalty points to be purely on treatments and services, but it’s possible to set up loyalty points on virtually anything that the client can buy, including retail stock.

To set up our loyalty points scheme, we firstly need to tell our software how many points each item is worth, and how many points the client needs to be able to redeem against this item.

To do this, go into Configuration and select Appointment Codes.     Against each appointment you’ll see options marked loyalty awarded and loyalty redeemed.

Loyalty awarded shows the number of points that the client will receive for purchasing the item, while the loyalty redeemed shows how many points the client would need to redeem in order to pay for this item using their loyalty points. Once you’ve decided on your scheme and adjust the loyalty points against each item, your Premier software will automatically control how many points are allocated to the client as they make their purchases.

As far as configuring your system for loyalty points, we’re pretty much done. It really is that simple.

Want to check how many points your client has got, or see a running total in order to check your records?  You can find all the information you need directly on the client card by selecting the CC / Account tab and clicking the Loyalty Points button.

Redeeming loyalty points is just as easy.  When we get to the normal bill screen, click onto the price of the bill item, as if you’re going to amend it.  Assuming that the client has enough loyalty points to redeem, the pop-out price box will give you the option of loyalty, as per the screen below (if the option is in grey, check how many points are shown in loyalty redeemed in config against the points the client actually has.

You’ll see that our price box now shows ‘loyalty’ instead of the usual price of the item. That’s to show us that we’re going to automatically reduce the clients loyalty points, rather than take payment.

Once the bill has gone through, the clients loyalty points will be reduced.

Are there any other features of Premier Spa, Style, Spa+ or Salonlite that you’d like us to cover?  Let us know in the comments below!