Give Your Clients The 5-Star Service They Deserve

In a crowed beauty market, it can be difficult to find ways to differentiate from the competition. What separates you from other salons in your area won’t necessarily be your menu choices. For advice on how to give your clients the 5-star service they deserve, check our top 5 tips below:

1 – Your client’s initial interactions with your business are usually through your online booking system or receptionist.

Online you want to replicate the client spa experience as closely as possible. Premier Software’s online booking supports this by allowing customisation of the facility with your business logo, carrying your brand through the process and demonstrating professionalism. It can then be integrated into your website or Facebook page for recognisability and ease of use.

You can select which appointments can be booked online and whether they require prepayment. The client can input their preferred date, time and staff member to ensure they get the appointment they want. This smooth process is the first step to client satisfaction.

If booking with a receptionist, their client card will provide a list of favourite treatments and staff members, to streamline the booking process.

2 – When your client turns up for their appointment, you have the first opportunity to wow them with your personal customer service skills. After they have ‘arrived’ on your software, your receptionist can check their client card to find out what drink and magazine they like, setting them up in comfort while they wait.

3 – When the client is collected, ask them to update their salon card details through your Premier Mobile app. This will demonstrate that you are diligent, keeping your information up to date to provide the most relevant service. You can then tailor their experience at every opportunity – whether you select a shampoo which is particularly beneficial for their hair type, or discuss areas of concern they would like you to focus on during their facial.

Always discuss the steps with your client, building rapport, trust and ensuring they feel completely comfortable with the process.

4 – Once their appointment is complete, you can refer to the list of recommended products on the client’s card as a prompt to upsell. Couple this with offering them a loyalty tag as a way of rewarding them every time they spend, showing that their custom is truly appreciated.

If the product they require isn’t in stock, add their details to the product waiting list section of your software. When it’s scanned in on delivery, this section will act as a reminder to give them a call and shows you are looking after your client, even when they are away from the salon.

5 – Before they leave you can use your rebooking function to schedule in future treatments. Set your automated marketing tool to email or text thanking them for their custom. It is these extra thoughts which make all the difference in trying to achieve a 5-star service.