Beat the January Booking Blues with These Top Tips

December is traditionally the most frantic time of the year for salons. But after experiencing the highs of a wall-to-wall appointment schedule and buzzing salon floor, many crash down to a slow start to the New Year.

While a bit of respite can be a godsend, it’s bad for cash flow and no good for commission-based employees that still have Christmas to pay for. So how do you get around this quandary? Well, the country’s most successful salon owners tend to buck the trend and remain busy – even in January and February. And they do this by implementing several strategies during the busy period to ensure repeat business.

  1. Give your clients a little Christmas gift by offering discount on appointments booked in for either January or February.
  2. Add value to all appointments booked in for December by offering a mini add-on service, such as a neck massage or a file and paint. This will give your clients even more of a reason to come back in the New Year.
  3. Make sure you are on social media and posting frequently. Before and after photos of your clients or letting your followers know that you have last minute appointments available will give you more chance of getting noticed.
  4. Create a menu of irresistible January treatments and services that will get clients’ skin and hair into good condition after the harsh Winter conditions. Counteract the overindulgent months with services that help ease the guilt, such as slimming and detox treatments.
  5. Show your clients how much you appreciate them by giving them branded gifts – pocket mirrors, pens and mini hair brushes are ideal for creating goodwill and will remind your clients to call your salon every time they use them.
  6. Review your client base and target those that haven’t made an appointment for six months with a promotional email or text. This could include a voucher or discount promise to entice them back.
  7. Last minute shoppers – many of which are notoriously men – will be looking for the perfect gift in the lead up to the big day. Advertise your offer with a lively A-board or eye-catching window graphics.