Are Your E-Marketing Techniques Driving Customers Through the Door?

It has recently been proven that people in the UK spend more time using technology devices then they do sleeping! (Ofcom, 2014).

This blog post outlines 5 ways in which you can improve your online presence through marketing emails and ensure that your clients are reading and responding to your e-marketing techniques.

1. Your online marketing is only as good as your client data.

Unlike social media, your are completely in control of your email marketing. A monthly newsletter or your promotional emails can reach your entire database provided that your data is cleansed.

It’s crucial to ensure that your staff know how important it is to gain email addresses when taking new client contact information. The more information you have, the more ways in which you can entice these clients to return to your salon or spa. Happy Birthday discount emails are a great way to attract clients to book an appointment for their special day. Other information such as how they heard about your salon or spa, and which products they purchase from you can also help to target specific audiences with various different promotional emails.

2. Target readers with useful and important content.

Although promotions and discounts can entice a number of clients to return to you; these can become tedious if they are bombarded with endless offers.

Inspire and educate your clients with plenty of content that will benefit them. Share professional hair or beauty tips which can help to inform your clients of the right products for them. Give your clients useful information such as Bank Holiday or Christmas opening hours and invite them to salon or spa events that you are hosting or that you are attending in the local area.

3.  Make each customer feel special.

Readers need to feel like you are writing to them and them only.

We all respond to our name as oppose to, ‘Dear Customer’.

Most software systems give you the option to add a merge field such as First Name. This will ensure that bulk emails that you send out will all be personalised with names.

We are all wary of spam emails and viruses; ensure that it is clear exactly who your emails are coming from. Add logos and images and ensure that the, ‘from’ field  is obvious and crystal clear!

Adding hyperlinks on your emails to your website and social media pages also adds a personal touch to your emails; this can also prompt customers to use your online booking tool to select their next appointment. Call to Action prompts are a great way to interact with customers. Adding a, ‘Call now to book your appointment, Sally’ or, ‘Book online here’ ensure that clients know what they should do next.

4. Take advantage of the report suite on your software system.

There are many ways to measure your marketing success rate using your current software system provider.

It’s always great to look into where your clients are coming from. Were they recommended by an existing client? Have they seen an advertisement in a local newspaper? Did they find you through Google or Social Media?

There are so many ways these days that clients can find your business. It’s great to measure this through your report system. As previously mentioned, collecting this data when clients first walk into your salon or spa is crucial. It gives you a great insight into which marketing tools are working and which need vastly improving.

5. Success is in the timing

Research shows that certain days of the week and certain times of the day are best to capture your readers attention.

Weekends and Mondays have been proven to be the busiest day in Brit’s lives and should be avoided for sending out emails (Carmichael, 2015). On average, 78% of people living in the UK check their emails between 5pm-8pm every week day and 69% of those people check these emails on their smart phone device (Carmichael, 2015).

Most software system providers have a section where you can specify the Client Type; using this can help you target your clients at the right time. If you have client types such as, ‘Night Shifts’ or, ‘Stay at Home Mother’ this will allow you to identify when is best to send out your emails to different customer types depending on their daily work habits.

Don’t miss out on powerful and free salon and spa marketing tools. Stick with these simple tips, and watch your business grow!


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