SMS: Have you been missing out on a bundle of opportunities?

There are a number of ways in which you can bridge the communication gap with a customer; however very few are as cost effective and direct as SMS marketing. SMS is a great way to send out messages about your salon to your clients and can be used for just about anything; here are a few that sprang to mind:

  • Reminding a customer of an appointment
  • Sending out details of last minute and seasonal promotions
  • Detailing available cancellation slots
  • Getting back in touch with old clients – the list goes on.

These types of messages can not only reduce the occurrence of those harmful no-shows but they can also maximise business and potentially fill that dreaded white space in your diary. If done correctly this could potentially be the best marketing tool you ever posses. However before you start rushing to press send – consider these 4 steps

  1. Has the customer opted-in to receive SMS? By ensuring your customer has opted to receive your texts you avoid sending un-wanted and irritating messages that could be harmful to your customer relationship and reputation
  2. Keep your customer details up-to-date. Having the right contact details and customer history will increase the efficiency of your marketing – allowing you to target the right messages to the right customer/s. A software package can help you to manage the database and keep tabs on the messages you send; as well as keeping a record of your customer’s visits and buying habits – which leads me onto my next point.
  3. Make it personal. Advertising messages and promotions can be effective but don’t bombard your customer with the hard-sell. After all it’s not a promotion if it runs all year round. Dilute sales messages with a personal touch; such as, checking-in to see if they enjoyed their last visit or recommending products that will suit their needs. Premier software; enables you to store a history of an individual’s salon visits and their buying habits. Knowing this you can take advantage of up-selling and set repeat purchase promotions tailored to the individual.
  4. Always remember to include an opt-out detail in every SMS you send.

So you’ve taken all the above on board – now you can enjoy the benefits of a strong customer relationship. A customer who feels satisfied and valued is one that will also feel loyal to your brand, services and products. This type of customer is an invaluable asset to your salon and will spread the word of just how great you are – so you’re effectively getting advertising and PR for free. Thanks to the creation of SMS, social networks and mobile internet, word travels faster and to more people than ever before. A single status update on Facebook or a tweet about their experience at your salon has the power to directly impact the profitability of your business!

*Remember! The health and beauty industry is centred on the individual, at a very personal level, so it just makes sense to look at the way you communicate with your customers.*

For more information on how you and your salon can utilise SMS marketing please contact our head office: 01543 466 580 or check out our website: