How to Update Your Manicure Treatments

With more women than ever booking in for a manicure, this is an ideal time to start looking at ways to update your manicure treatments. Spa-style manicures are a truly luxurious and relaxing treatment, but with just a couple of small changes you can transform your standard manicure service to something extraordinary.

As most of you will already know, spa-style manicures offer a completely different experience to its standard counterpart and often takes place in a separate part of your salon where your clients can sit back in almost a zen-like atmosphere. With more steps added to such a luxe treatment, the time in which the service lasts thus increases. As well as the manicure itself, this is an opportunity for the therapist or nail technician to address the client’s skin on both the hands and arms, as well as the nails.

Think of a spa-style manicure as a tailored experience whereby the client is consulted upon arrival and offered the best products to suit their needs. The manicure should be an extension of the ‘spa’ treatments offered elsewhere in your salon and should be carried out in a peaceful and luxurious environment. A pamper room away from the other manicure stations would be ideal with comfortable seating and relaxing scents. This is the ultimate ‘me time’.

So what can you add to your standard manicure services to update it to that spa-style manicure treatment?

Add a touch of luxe

Rather than using the traditional soak bowls for manicures, think about looking for more unique bowls that you can then add flowers of pebbles into. It is also a good idea to dispense any product into little dishes as it gives a more indulgent feel to the service than product packaging.

Dedicate time to massage

Massage during manicures is often rushed or overlooked completely. Dedicate time to this part of the treatment to help increase relaxation and massaging in the product will help absorption, allowing for more vitamins and nutrients to be brought to the surface of the skin.

Use a mask and exfoliate

For those clients suffering from dry skin, exfoliating and adding a mask to the treatment will be beneficial for your clients, especially during the Winter months. Exfoliating will make the skin more responsive to the products used during massage and will leave your clients hands feeling nourished.

Being able to update your manicure treatments and upscale your services means that you can justify an uplift in prices. In reality a Spa-style manicure doesn’t take much longer to perform than a standard manicure, but due to the luxury element and additional steps, clients will pay more for the service.

As well as it being offered as a stand-alone treatment, Spa-style manicures can also be offered alongside another salon service, like a facial. This will increase the opportunities of up-selling your new manicure treatment.