Push Your Staff Performance

Inspiring and motivating staff is not only great for creating an excellent working relationship and environment, but also for helping to get your staff to focus on individual goals within your spa or salon. Having set targets for each staff member will ultimately help to grow your business and revenue, as well as improve your bottom line.

Whether this is something you’ve already been pushing in your spa or salon, or whether this is something you are looking to improve upon with your business and staff members, Premier have a few useful steps to help you measure results, push staff performance and set business targets.

Generating a Profit

Before you start planning what targets you want your business and staff to reach, it is important to know what your expenses are (rent, wages, stock, insurance) and how much it costs to run your salon or spa each week. Once you have this figure to hand, it will be easy to see how much you need to bring in to cover these costs before thinking about what additional profit you wish to make.

Your profit goal in theory can be whatever you wish to make, however it should be realistic to reach as it can demotivate staff if they are unable to hit it. Consider dividing your profit goal by all of the team members in your spa or salon to reach what individual goal it is that you wish to put in place.

Retail Vs. Service

If as a business owner you feel that an overall target can seem a little daunting to your team, it might be worth considering splitting targets into two; retail sales and service sales. As retail can be harder for your staff to up-sell, having a set percentage of the overall target (10 – 15% for example) solely for retail may take the pressure off and make it seem like more of an achievable goal.

Rewarding your staff with monthly incentives, such as a night out or a spa day for hitting their retail sale target can make your team work harder and improve their sale margins. Or create some excitement around selling those additional services or products – consider making up some bingo cards with the different product/service names and the first team member to hit their target can win themselves a treatment.

Invest in Your Staff

Job satisfaction is the main reason your staff remain motivated and their motivation is vital to reaching your profit goal. There are several ways to ensure job satisfaction with your staff including some of the examples below:

  • Offering financial rewards based around commissions
  • Publicly acknowledging your staff’s achievements can be a great motivator and shows that you value their efforts
  • Mark special occasions, such as their work anniversary, with a bottle of champagne or vouchers of their choice
  • Regular one-to-one meetings can help to discuss career progression and encourage staff to push themselves further
  • Involve your team through meetings to get their ideas and share their thoughts on where they think the business should go

It is obvious that the more steps you take to progress your business and encourage staff development, the more you can help to improve your bottom line. But as well as this, it is a good idea to continually give your staff feedback on a regular basis. This can be through relaying feedback clients have said about particular staff members or giving your team a clear idea of where they are each month in terms of their targets and their personal growth. Their performance is just as important as your overall business performance, so it is worth investing some of your time into keeping them motivated.