Protect Your Salon From Staff Going Mobile


Whether it’s your top hair stylist, therapist or nail technician, there’s nothing salon owners dread more than the thought of their best staff going mobile. It can be disappointing when your staff members decide to leave, especially when you have spent a lot of time and money investing in their training. However, you can cushion the blow by drawing up contracts for all employees that outlines training and the steps that will be taken should a staff member then leave your business. You can in turn reclaim the cost of training back from them, which will leave you in a better position for investing in their replacement.

It is also worth noting the Data Protection Act 1998, which protects your business against staff members poaching your clients whether this be through email, telephone or social media. There are additional steps you can take should you find one of your members of staff is leaving. You should make it your top priority to inform your clients that their therapist, stylist or technician is leaving and use this opportunity to introduce them to another member of your team. To help soften the blow for those clients who may be a little weary of someone new, offer a special introductory rate.

Although your staff are a huge part of your business and overall client experience, many clients will want to stay put so don’t worry too much about staff going mobile. Make sure your clients are your priority and reinforce the message that your spa or salon is a haven for your clients, they come for the experience so make sure they leave feeling a million dollars.