How to Cope with Online Trolls

You may have heard about online trolls, but do you know that online bullying can even come in the form of haters and copycats? In this modern day, opening up your business online can be beneficial to attracting new clients and keeping in touch with your regular clientele. However, with all businesses becoming more accessible, Premier look at these types of online conflict and what you can do to deal with it.


‘Trolls’ are individuals who deliberately post controversial remarks and provocative messages on social media platforms, forums and blog posts. Their intention is to cause maximum disruption and to start an argument, often encouraging others to join in and drawing negativity to your business.

Trolls thrive on getting an emotional response so always remain calm when dealing with complaints – most trolling is usually based on little to no evidence, but if it is a genuine complaint then it is best to deal with it in a calm manner. If you need help when it comes to dealing with complaints, read this post.


‘Haters’ are the type of people that can’t be happy of another individual’s success. Instead of being happy that a person, business or service is doing well, they aim to point out any flaws.

Haters can be difficult to cope with as it can be hard not to take what they say personally, however the best way to deal with their comments or messages if it happens is to apologise for any wrongdoing that may have occurred or for any misunderstanding. You need to remember that this is a one-off and that it is better to handle the matter with grace than to let them get to you.


‘Copycats’ are described as individuals who copy, imitate or emulate gestures, actions and words.

When it comes to a ‘copycat’ those who feel victimised are often told that copying is the biggest form of flattery, but we all know how frustrating and disheartening it can be when someone copies your hard work. Whether it’s a local competitor/business copying your latest marketing campaign or a competition to win a service, instead of spending your time fretting over what gets copied, use it as your drive to be better and do better. As your clientele builds trust towards your business and brand, exceed their expectations by continuing to set yourselves apart. This may not stop the copycats, but it will show your clients (and your competitors) that you’ve got a lot to show!