How to Make Your Salon Stand out from the Crowd

With so many salons popping up all over the country, it isn’t surprising that on average there are 10 beauty salons within a 2 mile radius. So how do you go about making your salon stand out from the crowd?

To start, you need to know what it is about your business that helps you stand out. What is your unique selling point (USP)? Many salons take lead and inspiration from successful salons in the area, hoping that if they follow their lead, they too will be a success. However that isn’t the case. When you open up a salon, you want to be able to attract your own unique customer base and entice potential clients in by offering services and treatments that no other salon offers in the area.

You can easily identify your USP by first sitting down with a pen and some paper. Write down your business strengths and everything that your business does that puts itself ahead of all of your competitors. Why do your clients love you? What is it about your salon that makes them come back for more? If you’re struggling to nail down these points, consider asking your clients what it is about your business that makes them come back. Why do they choose your salon over the one down the road?

Once you have these points written down, you need to be really clear on where your business excels and whom your ideal client is. Narrowing all of these points down helps to build your brand. When you have your brand and your business ethos (what it is you offer your clients that no other salon does), you can then tailor your marketing campaigns to suit. Remember that your brand isn’t going to appeal to everyone and that’s okay. Write a business statement that you can pop on your website that tells your clients and potential clients what it is about your business that helps your salon stand out from the crowd. Sharing your business values, will help bring in the type of clientele that you desire.

Ensure that your brand values and message is reflected across all of your marketing literature; from your website to your price list and to the emails you send out. Make your business strengths stand out and don’t be shy when it comes to bragging about why your salon is better than the one down the road. If you aren’t confident in your brand, then your clients won’t be. Show them the way by allowing everyone to see what you offer.

Have you had any experience with having to make your salon stand out from the local competition? We’d love to hear what you did to shout your message. Leave us a comment below.